For this assignment you will create a trend report to show 1940s influences in modern fashion. Narrow your focus to 1940–1945, the war years, for this assignment. Do not include Dior’s “New Look” from 1947, since you will be covering that in another assignment next week.
Start by clicking here to download and review an inspirational report on the same topic by the WGSN (formerly StyleSight) trend forecasting service that we have a subscription to through the library. This example is to give you an idea of what a professional trend report might look like, and as an added bonus, it supplies you with even more information about 1940s styles and influences. You will be creating your own unique report, based on your own research and ideas.
Using the textbook, lectures, and online sources, research the social, political, and cultural history of the early 1940s in Europe and the United States, and take notes on at least five factors that you consider to be the major influences on fashion from 1940–1945. Also take notes on the new fashion trends and changes for this time period.
Research at least one designer from the early ‘40s who influenced styles during this time period, and include at least one image that shows their work.
You also may want to gather other images as you do your research.
Modern: Using your research of early 1940s era styles, search Web sites that show current or recent runway shows (don’t go further back than one year) for influences and elements from the 1940s. The following websites are a good place to start:
WGSN (create an account through the AIPOD Online Library)
create a 2- to 6-page trend report based on the StyleSight model provided, which visually shows comparisons between the historical and modern styles, and includes brief written explanations of the international, social, and political influences on the styles highlighted. Make sure to be clear and concise with your explanations, but include period details and fashion terms.
You may have separate pages for the historical information and for the modern, or mix both together to show the comparisons. In total, be sure to include:
At least five images to show historical styles and influences.
At least five images to show modern styles. These can include women’s wear, menswear, or both.
Information on at least 1 influential designer from the early forties, and an image to illustrate.
For each page, include written explanations and image captions to explain influences, trends, and style changes from 1940–1945, as well as the comparisons you are making with the modern styles. You should have at least 400 words of writing within the report.

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