The Role of a Teacher in a Learning Environment

Watch \”Multiple Intelligences Thrive in Smartville\” from Edutopia®. Note example strategies used for the different intelligences presented in the video. What is the role of the teacher in this learning environment? How does it compare to your experience? Explain. The first grade geography lesson had many components, with studentsusing their \”smarts\” in different groups. How did the lesson and other lessons presented in the video take advantage of the many learning styles that typically exist in a classroom?

Relate your answer to Gardner\’s theory of multiple intelligences. One potential issue with such lessons is classroom management, especially with young children. How would you manage the activities so that your objectives are achieved while maintaining control without stifling creativity? How do the teachers evaluates tudents\’ progress toward mastering state standards in this type of program?

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How is the evaluation tied to multiple intelligences? Bring your responses to the Learning Team. You must attach your answers to the team paper. Share your responses. Dialogue with your team and come to consensus on your observations of the lessons. Create, as a team, a 10- to 12-slide media presentation to summarize your team\’s consensus on the questions and an analysis of the following: Indicators of effective instruction by the teacher Evidence of student learning

Types of assessments used *Note. Add detailed, full-sentence speaker notes on each slide. Include follow-up questions you may have for one of the teachers if you were doing a post-evaluation conference to evaluate his or her instruction. Include each team member\’s answers to the questions in a separate attachment. Format your presentation according to APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment as this is a Learning Team assignment.

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