Strategic Planning Assignment

ACO, IG, and strategic planning assignment

-Implement a departmental strategic plan
-Identify the different types of organizations, services, and personnel and their interrelationships across the healthcare delivery system
-Collaborate in the development and implementation of information governance initiatives
-Facilitate the use of enterprise-wide information assets to support organizational strategies and objectives
-Apply general principles of management in the administration of health information services

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1. Identify the characteristics of an accountable care organization (ACO).
2. Explore the relationship of information governance (IG) to ACOs.
3. Which organizational stakeholders would you recommend be on the IG team/council?
4. As HIM Director, you are revising your HIM department’s strategic plan to include IG and ACOs. What goals would you include for those strategies?
5. Explain how the use of registries can facilitate an accountable care organization’s strategies.

6. AS HIM director, you have decided to bring the release of information services back in-house. For the last two years, you have outsourced that work, but continual complaints and an increasing backlog have made a change necessary.

• While writing your essay, List the managerial functions that will be necessary as you tackle this process and select at least one tool that will be used in each function. Be sure to justify the selection of the tool.

1. We saw that the U.S. Department of Labor’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) accused Starbucks of breaking the law in trying to prevent workers in some of its New York shops from  unionizing. Use sites such as to explain how the suit finally ended up.


Criteria Ratings Pts
60.0 pts
20.0 pts
20.0 pts
Content is organized in a format that clearly
answers the questions asked
60.0 pts
40.0 pts
Partially answers the
questions asked
10.0 pts
Does not answer the
questions asked
Length, Grammar/Spelling
At least 2 paragraphs (5 sentences in each
paragraph), Complete sentences used
throughout the paragraphs, Contains no
spelling errors
20.0 pts
10.0 pts
1-2 Paragraphs (less
than 5 sentences)
up to 2
0.0 pts
Less than 1 paragraph
(less than 5 sentences),
more than 2
grammar/spelling errors
Examples are provided in support of
answering the questions
20.0 pts
10.0 pts
Uses one example to
answer the questions
0.0 pts
No examples used to
answer the questions

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