Market Entry Strategy Project “Pakistan”

COUNTRY:Choose PAKISTAN for this paper.
Please Answer to these all questions and Also go in order of those chapters and Use those chapters as headers for every paragraph,. For Example, If you talking about Globalization of Pakistan, before the paragraph of it, give a header which will show that this paragraph belongs to this particular chapter. I dont have the book, but if you guys want to know which book it is, then here is the name: International Business (7th or 8th Edition) John J. Wild (Author), Kenneth L. Wild (Author)

Answer the following questions into your report in addition to the questions at the end of each chapter in the “Market Entry Strategy Project

Is it a developed, newly industrializing, emerging, or developing country?

What is the gross domestic product GDP, GDP per capita, and GDP at PPP?

How does the country rank in the human development index?

Has it undergone economic transition within the past 20 years?

Does any form of political risk pose a threat to the nation’s economic development?

How would you describe the country’s international relations?

Chapters 1 & 2 : Globalization and Cross-Cultural Business
Chapter 3: Politics, Law, and Business Ethics
Chapter 4: Economics and Emerging markets
Chapter 11: International Strategy and Organization
Chapter 12: Analyzing International Opportunities
Chapter 13: Selecting and Managing Entry Modes
Chapter 14: Developing and Marketing Products

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