Analysis the Enclosure Design

Have a look at my mock-up enclosure design (PPT file – ‘my draft’) and follow the instruction that I have described below and attached with the guideline.
Just let you know, that this is not enclosure for ‘Green peace’ but, ‘Volunteering at Green peace’.
As this is related to my previous assessment, I also attach my first assessment.

Order instruction
1. By using colour theory (Colour wheel), explain why I changed my logo to a new version. (Slide 4) – find a source for colour theory and add it on the reference list.

2. An explanation of how enclosure works or what benefit it provides
I’d like you to use some academic in-text reference to support it.
So, as mentioned in the instruction, ‘It is necessary to document what the enclosure is so that people in other locations (such as senior stakeholders) can see its value.’ it I can It is better to use credible reference (reputable design source as mentioned below
For example, In the functional way, this enclosure can also be used as coin saver/sorter (slide 5, middle of the image) so people who got this can keep the enclosure for using this. please depict this idea in here.

3. Introduce welcome kit (Slide 10)
– Explain welcome pack briefly (e.g. Enclosure can also be coin sorter/saver..etc)

4. Describe the refinement & exploration of each of my design on ppt (Slide 12,13,14)
Have a look at the slide 12 to 14 and describe a process/development of the work
(e.g. Use drop shadow effect, add the cardboard texture for enclosure cover)

5. Depict a referenced justification of why the final Design
(My final designs are on the slide appears as it does (Academic reference is the most important in here)

Also, For justification, divide it as 3 parts
1. enclosure (box)
2. Brochure
3. Membership Card
Do not explain in depth for brochure and membership card design, Just briefly explain for them and please more focus on the enclosure design.

Please use the Expanded Gestalt Theory depicted below link;

*But please find another reference link or source for the theory

6. Evaluate cost of the enclosure with the explanation
Describes the materials of the enclosure (as you can see, mine is cardboard, which is eco-friendly and cheap) with the reason, and estimate/evaluate the cost of the enclosure (material…etc) with some of explanations.

**For the reference, please use academical sources like below;
HOW Design
Morgan Kaufmann
Rockport publishers

The above are Design book publishers (not exclusively). Beyond this a lot of good theory will come from Academic publishers, the big ones include;
AVA academia
And most “top-tier” Uni’s have press-houses (Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Stanford etc.)

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