Ethics in Long-Term Care Administration

Please answer the following 3 questions in a short to the point manner not to exceed 6 pages. The content of the response and its organization are much more important than the length of the response or the number of words.

1. Quality of care will continue to be a major challenge across the longterm care continuum in the future.

Among the following delivery sites, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home care and hospice, select two and discuss the best mechanisms to promote quality outcomes. Consider both policy mechanisms by payers and government as well as specific organizational programs longtermcare administrators can initiate on their own.

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2. Given the rapidly aging of the population, please describe the most likely scenario for the longterm care continuum in the next twenty years, including care delivery settings, services provided and financing mechanisms. Please provide a rationale for those aspects of the continuum that you believe are likely to change.

3. Alzheimer’s disease is expected to increase rapidly in coming years with the aging of the population. What are some of the programmatic and ethical issues that a long term care administrator faces in dealing with this rapidly growing population? How can these issues be effectively integrated into optimal programs for this special population?

Ethics in Long Term Care Administration

he purpose of this paper is to prepare a case analysis. This paper will focus on a case study addressing the legal and ethical issues of longterm careadministration. The questions for this paper are located on page 230 of the textbook. (See upload) The case study is located on pages 230 and 231 of the McSweeney-Feld and Oetjen textbook and is entitled “Refusing Treatment”. The questions for this case are located on page 231 of the textbook.

This paper must incorporate a basic understanding of the longterm care industry, legal issues, resources available to help the manager address the problem, and a sound ethical basis for problem solving. The paper should not exceed 8 double spaced pages, not including your APA reference page. All type must be Times Roman 12 point pica. Please read the case study and answer the 3 questions in detail on the bottom of page 220 and the top of page 231.

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