Do My Paper on the Teacher’s Role in Child Development

please write my essay. 1. Discuss and illustrate the role of the teacher in the young child’s development of speech and language, and in the alleviation of speech and language delays and disorders. Please use these texts. · Dunlap, L. L. (2009). An introduction to Early Childhood Special Education. NJ: Pearson. (ISBN: 978-0-205-48872-8) . Chapter 5: Communication Abilities · *Kirk, et al (2009) Educating Exceptional Children. 12th Ed. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. Chapter 7: Children with Communication, Language & Speech Disorders · *Cook, R.E., Klein, M.D. & Chen, D. (2012) Adapting Early Childhood Curricula for Children with Special Needs. Boston, Mass: Pearson Chapter 8: Nurturing

I have to do a paper as i have been recently elected Governor of the State. I hired you as my law, and justice advisor. AS a Governor, i want to lower the crime/delinquency rate, reduce fear of crime, and reduce costs related to criminal justice system. As my advisor, your task is to created a program for kids in pre-school and highs chool using primary and secondary prevention,this program could be implemented at school curriculum like an extra class, the point of this program is to prevent the risk of kids in to engaging in crime and delinquency by using primary prevention. to teach kids the there are more important things in life than engaging in crime and delinquency. please used scholarly academic sources.

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