Public Sector Workers in Argentina would appear that they have only loaded a clip from the film but when you’ve finished one segment, it automatically advances to the next segment). There are 9 short segment videos. The popular press and some academics (in economics and other fields) praised Carlos Menem for his “far sighted” embrace of neoliberalism–the model–in Argentina during the 1990s. It was believed that his combination of financial deregulation, the privatization of state enterprises and the aggressive downsizing of public sector workers would lead to prosperity in Argentina. And it did, for a time Argentina was the fastest growing economy outside of Asia during the 1990s. But then suddenly things didn’t work out so well. A. Why didn’t it work out? B. What does that tell you about “the model” and people who have faith in it? C. What was the response of some unemployed workers to the crisis–how does occupy, resist, produce–function economically, socially and legally from what you can see in the film? Bonus (five points) It is now six years since the beginning of the US/Global Financial Crisis and we are three years into a “recovery” where unemployment remains high and economic precariousness is a general condition? Are there any lessons for us in the US learn from Argentina? Express an opinion and supply some reasoning.

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