Selling Product Innovations Effectively

The details of dissertation topic are below: How can you sell product innovations effectively? Product innovation is crucial to national economic growth, but many products fail in the market. The emergence of social media (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Virtual Customer Communities) and the development of easy customer data collection procedures provide new opportunities for firms to link engineers to customers and thus improve product innovation success. However, serious problems persist and challenges remain. Engineers’ understanding of customer needs is suboptimal and the product innovation process is often characterized by a disconnect between R&D people and the customer.

Salespersons can help in interpreting customer information and market trends (including competitor behavior) and identifying latent customer needs, because they regularly meet with current and prospective customers. Therefore, the aim of this dissertation is to understand how companies can use their sales force to facilitate customer involvement in product innovation. If possible, please provide conceptual model of this dissertation (as it is compulsory) I will send 2 journals that is required to read and use in order to write literature part of this dissertation.