Digital Marketing Case Study IKEA

Step 2: Get to Know Your Business

Start your research with the business website and learn everything you can about the company. Pay particular attention to the ABOUT US page, learn about the mission, the customers, which social networks they have connected on their website, just become an expert on the business you have selected. Take notes and record all of your resources.

Then, go to every major social network listed in our class resources and try to find your business. Make sure it is the "official" company social network account and not just a particular store location account. Record the website URL’s for all social network accounts found, and include the statistics from the social network such as number of fans/followers/likes/subscribers, number of posts/videos, and any other relevant statistic you can find. Each social network records different data, so you might not find everything on every social network. Look at things such as how many posts per day/week/month depending on frequency of posting and create a metric for that. What sort of content does this business post or share? How does the "voice" of the company sound to you as a customer? Review the last 5-10 content pieces and examine the type of engagement that the company has with it’s fans. Take note of the typical response time. Look for any comments/reviews on the social network that are posted outside of content comments. Does the company respond to these comments/reviews in a decent amount of time, with a positive position?

For your last item of research, do a google search for your company and see what you find. Do you see any paid advertisements for your business? How do they rank in the SERP? What keyword searches get your business to show up in the search results? What are people saying? Do you see any information about the digital marketing plan of your company online? If so, pay attention to what you read to help you form your opinion on the overall digital marketing strategy of this company.

Step 3: Create a Presentation

Using one of my favorite free online tools, Adobe Spark (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., create a presentation all about your chosen business. Share your knowledge with us. This is what I would like to see in the presentation:

Basic business information – type of business, locations, revenue.
Target customer and purpose – define the target customer demographic, the mission and any other relevant information you feel we should know.
Review the company website and any mobile app they might have – just give us the highlights and features. A few screenshots are required. Provide a digital marketing GRADE for the website (mobile too) and the app. It can be based on whatever rating system you would like (example: A, B, C, D, F, or 4 out of 5 stars) just be clear what the rating system is. Support your grade with at least 1-2 points.
Discuss the SEO and SERP of your company. Which keywords are likely to bring customers to their website? Do they do any paid advertisement that you might have come across? Who are their competitors according to search results? Create a digital marketing GRADE using the same rating system and support your grade with at least 1-2 points.
Review the social networks. Create a digital marketing GRADE using the same rating system as the website/app. Present the 4 highest graded social networks statistics and examples of at least one customer engagement from each of the 4 social networks you chose to represent. Support your grade with at least 1-2 points.
Review the social networks where they are absent or have a low GRADE from your list above. Which 2 social networks can they do better with or are they missing from? Support your grade with at least 1-2 points.
Provide an overall critique of their digital marketing strategy. List the pros and cons. What 2 things would you recommend as an improvement?
Be sure to cite all of your resources/websites within the presentation (at the end is fine).

Creativity counts! You don’t have to write huge paragraphs or long narrative for these items. Bullet points, images and screenshots go a long way. However, be detailed enough to cover the requirements of the assignment.

Adobe Spark is a fun, easy to use tool to create amazing shareable presentations that are published to the web. Once you are done creating your Spark presentation, be sure to create a shareable URL. This URL is the one you will submit for this project and share with the class in the final project discussion topic.

Please review my video below on how to use Spark.

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