—Plagiarism is the act of copying or using another person’s idea or work and presenting them as your own.
— Several effects and consequences make plagiarism an inappropriate act.
—Plagiarism is also associated with the rewriting and the close paraphrasing of another person’s material without correct referencing.
Why is plagiarism inappropriate and how to we prevent it?
ØPlagiarism is inappropriate both legally and morally.
ØIn legal terms, all authors have legal rights, which have been assigned by both copyright and the intellectual property laws.
ØBoth laws consider that any piece of writing is a personal property and belongs to the owner.
ØMorally, plagiarism is considered as a theft since it is an effort to have an unjust benefit over other people.
Why might students plagiarize?
ØIn most cases, students plagiarize in order to acquire more advantage over the other students.
ØSuch students are lazy and avoid doing their own work.
ØOther students do not concentrate during their classes.
Ø When given assignments, they do not have ideas on how to do them. This forces them to participate in the illegal act.
What do you feel the consequences for plagiarism should be?
ØThe simple act of plagiarizing often results in serious and dire consequences.
ØFirst, a student should be forced to repeat the whole course when caught plagiarizing.
Ø Besides, school expulsion should be another consequence.
ØThis means that if the degree of plagiarism is very high, a person should be expelled totally from school.
ØCourt fines and imprisonment are appropriate because plagiarism is treated as a serious criminal offence.
What are the moral and ethical issues surrounding plagiarism?
ØPlagiarism is surrounded by both moral and ethical issues.
ØFirst, it is considered as an act stealing another person’s piece of work.
ØMoreover, the society does not need those people who are morally and ethically decayed because they do not bring any development in the education system.
ØPeople who plagiarize try to take advantage of other people.
ØIn this case, plagiarism is considered a crime.
How does plagiarism affect international students?
ØWhen students are caught plagiarizing, the consequences affect both and international students.
ØIn some cases,

Øthey are expelled,

Ømight lose their student visas, and

Øcan be taken back to their home countries.

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