in A 500-word, typed essay on your reasons for applying to the Adult Primary Care Nurse Practitioner program at Adelphi University. Below is a link to the Universities program description so you can get a better idea of why I would like to attend this school.
Below here, is my sample essay. Things I would like to say but need help putting it all together. You can use this as reference to helping you write the essay.
My decision becoming a nurse practitioner was a lifelong dream. I finally decided to make this choice when I began working at Northwell on a surgical oncology unit. I was constantly challenged and wanted to improve and learn more.

Healthcare is always changing and evolving and I want to have the opportunity to be able to be a part of that new innovation. Becoming a nurse practitioner is my passion and I will pursue it with courage, determination and hard work.

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Not only will it allow me to broaden my scope of practice and take on more responsibility, but I will be able to provide more individualized attention and care to my patients. After, i complete the Adult Primary Care Nurse Practitioner program at Adelphi, I will be one step closer to my goal.

I aspire to earn my Master of Science in Nursing at Adelphi because I recieved my bachelors of nursing here and was able to gain exceptional knowledge and skills from the professors as well as the new state of the art nursing building. Even currently at my job, i get to communicate with those professors and continue learning from them day after day.

What I love about the Graduaute program is that it is a blended, online and in person program would allow to me to still continue working at the hospital, practicing nursing skills as well as being able to grow learning new skills.

As an Adult primary care nurse practitioner I want to effectively assess, diagnose, educate, communicate, treat, follow-up and create a personalized care plan for my patients.
I believe Adelphi’s adult nurse practitioner program will allow me to become a successful, strong leader who is knowledgeable and adaptive to the ever changing healthcare environment and needs of my patients.

I can inform and teach my patients about their health and help build a safer, healthier community. After completing my education, I plan to become an active member of nurse practioner associations as well as take on a role in primary care.