I am applying for admission to Master of Science in Environmental Engineering at the National University of Singapore (part-time). I am required to write my objective for pursuing this course (“State why you wish to pursue this Course and how you would use the knowledge you gain from it in practice”).

I would like to include some reference to the current events pertaining to environmental protection efforts in Singapore.
I believe some mention of the scholarships I obtained during my degree could help towards the success of my admission. Some background about myself; I have a diploma in information technology (Singapore 2005) and a bachelor of Science (Honors 2nd Upper – double Major in Chemistry) from the Australian National University 2011.

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I was on a military scholarship for the whole duration of my degree and am currently serving out the scholarship bond as a captain in the Singapore army. In addition to the army scholarship, I was awarded a k Science Honors Scholarship from the Research School of Chemistry at the Australian National University during my honors year. Upon the completion of my bond, I intend to pursue a career involving environmental protection in Singapore.