Briefly discuss the biography of Alexis de’ Tocqueville, John Stuart Mills and James Madison from the hyperlinks within the course.

Some people argue that the passage of Proposition 8 in California banning gay marriage was a form of majority tyranny. Others might argue that permitting gay marriages would be a form of majority tyranny because they are members of groups that believe that such marriages would be damaging to the society. What about the prospective employee who says that if someone refuses to hire him because he is an atheist then they are engaging in majority tyranny? The employer, on the other hand says if the law requires him to hire people who are atheists then he is a victim of majority tyranny. After reading, at least Chapter 4 of On Liberty, explain how these apparently conflicting views might be resolved.

(Along with information from”On Liberty” ; please include other relevant information from the online readings and hyperlinks within the unit that may support your response)

What mechanisms did Madison suggest to fight against majority tyranny? Include information based on the video “Federalist Papers 51” Discuss one of Madison’s famous quotations from “Federalist Papers 51 “If men were angels; government would not be necessary”.

1. Why was George Washington a popular choice for president?- Include aspects of his biography and video : What aspects of his life surprised you?

2. What was the “Militia Act of 1792?” How did this act give rise to the National Guards? (Give abrief history of the National Guards) Is this unit good for the country?
3. Discuss the “Proclamation of Neutrality” ; Discuss Hamilton’s and Jefferson’s arguments for President Washington’s authority to issue a “Proclamation of Neutrality?” Which argument do you support and why? Include a discussion on the Treaty between America and France.

4. Summarize and discuss the Pacifus (Hamilton) and Helvidius(Madison) debate. Could both men have been correct?

5. Discuss the video on the French Revolution? Do you feel that Napoleon Bonaparte used the revolution as a stepping stone for his own ambition?

6. Discuss the fight between Great Britain and France after the French Revolution Revolution (See Napoleonic Wars) How would you summarize the life of Napoleon Bonaparte?

7. What was the Jay Treaty? Why was France unhappy about the treaty? Do you agree or disagree with France’s position. Explain your answer.

8. Discuss the Battle of Fallen Timbers and the Treaty of Greenville? Do you feel that the Native-Americans were treated fairly?

9. Discuss some of the major points of President’s Washington’s farewell address? Do you feel that he had a clear understanding of foreign allies or was he correct in his observations?

10. Discuss at least three precedents set by Washington Give examples (Include some information from the hyperlink on precedents) Do you agree with the decisions he made? Explain your answer

11. What was the XYZ affair? Was President Adams right to first seek diplomacy? Explain your answer? Did the American people have the right to be upset? Discuss the Alien and Sedition Acts? Do you feel that this violated the basic rights of individuals?

12. What is a Quasi-War? What was the Treaty of Mortefontaine? What would be the purpose of a quasi-war?

13. Discuss the video on Hamilton-What points did he make for establishing a strong central bank?

14. How did Madison present his arguments to favor the “removal power of the President?” Do you agree with his arguments? Explain your answer

15. When there is a crisis, should the people of America look to the president for leadership? Explain your answer? How would you summed up the presidency of George Washington ?