In this assignment you are to write an argumentative essay/ research paper on gun violence and gun control. This paper should be arguing on gun control, debate over whether gun laws are strict enough and what else can be done to reduce such acts from occurring. I side that there should be something done with the gun control.

Gun shouldn’t be banned completely but I believe there should be some sort of procedure into owning a gun. Not anyone should be able to purchase one with such ease. Please include situations where guns has seriously affected us such as mass shootings and the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in this paper.

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You can also include examples of gun control with race and police brutality. Include how the youth are the main target. Guns are being influenced by video games and celebrities and entertainment. Etc….
Please argue, analysis, reason, use evidence in this custom essay. Paper must be a combination of a argumentative and research paper.

Please provide at least 5 or more citation about gun control from different articles or books and include the quote in my essay (could be on statistics or important details on gun violence or events). Please provide the work cited on the last page.
These Discussion Questions has to have a minimum of 300 words each !!!
Discussion Question 1.)
A growing number of line-level criminal justice practitioners have college degrees. Will the advanced education of these practitioners create greater or less resistance to change from within criminal justice organizations?
Discussion 2.)
Discuss why you think police officers and/or their supervisors may be skeptical of researchers asking questions in and around their department. Why would officers be inclined to cooperate or not cooperate? If you were the police chief how would handle this situation?