The contrast between political and economic models about how to think about public policy analysis is often discussed in the public policymaking literature. So is also the contrast between rational comprehensive versus incremental models regarding how public policymaking decision-making ought to best be conducted.
Choose one of these contrasts, either rational comprehensive versus incremental or political vs economic approaches, explain the competing models, highlight their strengths and weaknesses, provide an example of policy analysis or deliberation about a specific policy problem to illustrate your main argument on this contrast and conclude with indicating why you think one model is better than the other.
Why is incrementalism so prevalent in the policy process today?  What is its relationship to path dependency and policy feedback? How does it contribute to policy drift? How does non-decisionmaking in agenda setting contribute to policy drift? Describe a major policy problem so as to exemplify the relationship of incrementalism to path dependency, policy feedback, policy drift, non-decisionmaking, agenda setting and the exercise political power.
It is necessary to express your own opinion about the readings and concepts they provide as well as to answer every question. No need for citations (even from the readings provided), just express your point of view based on them. Thank you.
                  The name of the book of the chapters I uploaded so you can properly cite it is: Abraham, S. (2012). Strategic management for organizations. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education. You will use the uploaded paper as a basis to expand on a range of this topics: Strategic – Alternative Bundles Triggers and Contingencies Operational Planning Deliberate and Emergent Strategies Corporate Social Responsibility International Strategies You can use portions of the paper uploaded as long as you cite properly in this fast custom essay.
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