Topic: sandy hook school shoot the assignment is a agrumentive paper , using 12 national newspaper articles, 3 peer reviewed journal articles for the discussion section. (present a original argument Essay in 3 parts …. Intro, analysis, discussion Introduction section: -background “In order to better understand how this case was portrayed in the media” “This case is primarily portrayed as ……………………” 

My Thesis: This case is primarily portrayed as a senseless unthinkable mass murder and a divergence on gun control laws. This portrayal itself is accomplished by focusing on three main points. First the articles focus on Adam Lanza’s personality, second the articles focus on deliberate planning and third the articles focus on gun control laws.

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– Umbrella statement Analysis section: About 7 or 8 pages Discussion section: Discuss one larger social issue…………….. one primary Implication “ this case suggest one primary implication………………”

I am only requesting a thesis statement to help me write my paper further
Write an argument essay after reading essay ” On Affirmative Action” by Cornel West. It also on the book “The Conscious Reader” By Caroline Shrodes, Michael Shugrue, Marc DiPaolo, Christion J.Mattuschek, tweleth edition.

The essay should have 3 parts except Intro&conclusion. It should have pro, con, and make new knowledge. Do not just follow the book and create something new that not all pople know. About pro and con you can choose one side or just secund. Do not use unusal words cause I am a international student. Thank you.