The paper needs to start with \”This paper argues….\” My possible argumentative thesis statement was: \”This paper argues that the natural resource trap is the leading development trap in the Bottom Billion countries because bad governance and conflict such as civil wars tend to stem from strife and lack of government transparency lacked by the desire to profit from an abundance of natural resources.

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(If you don’t have a better argumentative thesis statement, feel free to use other arguments) Please make sure each paragraph following introduction supports your argument.
It needs to be CONSISTENT and RELEVANT to the argument. Please use scholarly reviewed articles. It needs to have a TITLE. *After reading the primary source about Bottom Billion on PARTS 1, 2, please come up with an argument that needs to be consistent throughout the essay. One thesis, please be consistent.

1.Primary Source that must be used: (ONLY Parts 1 and 2) 2. 5 secondary sources (at least 3 of them are Peer-Reviewed)/ No Wikipedia, Investopedia, etc 3. For References, In-text Citation needs to be… Please use : Author, Date System, that is , parenthetical textual references with an accompanying reference list. For example, (Mainwaring 1999, 15-17)- \’15-17\’ indicates page number

3. In fast paper writing, students often complain about the prices of books at the campus bookstore. Many students use Web-based booksellers as an alternative. As a representative of your student government, you have decided to find out what the best alternatives are, and which alternative is best for students at your school. You decide to compare these alternatives by considering the following: price (including shipping costs), availability, book buyback program, and students\’ opinions about purchasing books. Its a investigation report for writing with the work place.

1. Begin writing the following components for the Introduction section of the Investigative Report: A. Background – Provide information regarding how the issue became an issue and why you chose to investigate it. Give details about the product, company, or institution under investigation.

B. Purpose – Why investigate this issue? Is your purpose primarily to inform or to persuade?
C. Problem – What is the problem under investigation, and what methods will you employ to investigate it?

D. Scope – What limitations exist with your study? For instance, will you investigate a problem within a single company or multiple companies?

Will you limit your investigation to Bermuda, or will the investigation be internationalin scope? Data Front Matter – Title Page, Letter of Transmittal, Table of Conents, List of Figures, Abstract Body – Introduction, Discussion of Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations Back Matter – Works Cited Page, Appendixes