First: Read the article,Michael Cox, \’Is the United States in Decline — Again? An Essay\’ International Affairs (Royal Institute of International Affairs 1944-)Vol. 83, No. 4 (Jul., 2007), pp. 643-653 write a brief analysis of it (maximum 400 words). Second: write comments on the analyses provided by other students on the text. Whether you agree or disagree , you should critically explore the claims being put forward, the assumptions (explicit or implicit) that underwrite these claims and the implications for theory and practice that emerge from the article. The following is the article critique by another student, need to comment on this. Cox (2007) takes a broad look at world history and determines that the question is not whether the U.S. is going to decline but how successfully the U.S. can adjust to the process. He says that the U.S. has already started to decline and that it now should accommodate to the new realities, something that will be difficult for a nation that so far has considered itself as the “indispensable nation” (Cox, 2007, 653). However, in another article published the same year, Cox said that despite the recent setbacks in Iraq that the U.S. should not be underestimated, that the U.S. is in trouble but not about to fall (Cox, 2007, 1). The two thoughts are not contradictory. Historically, all empires fall and Cox thinks that the label can be applied to the U.S. and that consequently the U.S. will eventually also fall. However, the end of the Cold War left the U.S. as the only superpower, and then it has used its influence to deal with a variety of issues, including the Gulf War I and II, the breakup of former Yugoslavia which the Europeans seemed unable to deal with on their own, the Japanese economic crisis followed by the wider economic crisis in 1998 which engulfed not only the U.S. but the whole world. The U.S. has changed gears to face terrorism since 9/11, but still maintains great military superiority over everybody else. Its economy is still the largest, although eventually it will be overtaken by China, but this does not mean that China will displace the U.S. China is making rapid advances in its economy and investing substantial sums in the modernization of its military, but it is still a long way to achieve parity with the U.S. Other nations are emerging as potential powers, such as India, Brazil, Russia and the European Union, but this does not mean that the world will become multipolar any time soon. The U.S. will decline from its hegemonic position but still will continue playing an important role in world affairs, and this decline still is a few decades ahead, as Cox correctly said, the U.S. “should not be underestimated.” All empires decline, but there are no signs yet that the U.S. faces any specific threat from any country, other than the general threat from international terrorism and the possibility of a confrontation with Iran in relation to the Middle East. References Michael Cox. 2007. \’Is the United States in Decline — Again? An Essay\’ International Affairs, 83(4) 643-653 Michael Cox. 2007. ‘Still the American Empire.’ Political Studies Review 5(1), 1-10.

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