1. Why were these strategies chosen?

The strategies chosen are important because the company needs to regain its initial market leadership into the mobile telephony. Ultimately, being a market leader will obviously enable the company to enjoy bigger profits margins and enhance it revenue earnings. If the company loses its command to Verizon, it will obviously mean that it has been outcompeted. This will ultimately result in failure and this has to bee avoided.
2. Discuss why AT&T is apart of emerging industries
AT&T has not been receptive to customer complains and preferences and this has made to be the lasts one in implementing various strategies within the industry.
3. Explain why AT&T has a first mover advantage over Verizon.
AT &T has a number of advantages over Verizon and includes the fact it was the first company to market the Apple’s iPhone. This has given the company a greater business muscle than Verizon. Additionally, AT&T has concentrated much on American market and this enable the company to provide services that are exclusive to the American market. This enhances specialization and concentration on specific market. This also translates to provision of quality services to the American market
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Please discuss how to apply these strategies
The entry of Verizon to the market has presented scores of challenges to the company. This has been worsened by taking of the iPhone. This shows that need to implement the strategies in time. The company can do this be carrying out infrastructural within the network. This is possible through the investment of 4G network. This is possible also if the company recruits the best employees who can help them in the implementation of the
i.e. infrastructure improvements
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1. Discuss why technological leadership is important in AT&T case
Technological leadership is an important facet to any organization because it enables the company to gain an initial market leadership before the competitors can do. This will enable the company to incur lower cost of sustaining itself in the industry. The company will obviously incur low advertisement cost and will be able to have a strong ground o9f its loyal customers.
2. Discuss technological leadership in detail.
Technological leadership in AT&T’s part is clearly depicted when it was the first company to  market the Apple’s iPhone. This became extremely advantageous to the company because it was able too secure about 17M subscribers. This is snow what Verizon has to woo into its network.
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1. Discuss premption of strategically valuable assets as it relates to AT&T
This enable the company to gauge customer response in relation to the products that company intends to purchase in the market. This can be done by having new assets for its 4G network and then monitoring the market response. The company can then venture into the real business of purchasing the required assets.
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1. Discuss customer switching cost as it relates to AT&Tand its strategic alternatives
It is obviously clear that AT&T has not bee able to meet its customer demands bin relation to the marketing if the Smartphone. This is a possible reason that may make customers to switch en masse to Verizon. This is a costly process because the company will lost a grip of the most important market share. Profitability will obviously reduce and the result that the company will be forced to should the initial cost incurred with some of its other revenues. This is because less income from the iPhone yet a lot of money has been used.
2. Discuss AT&T major advantage and disadvantage in the market
AT&T has a number o advantages in the market and includes the fact that it was the first company to market the iPhone and this gave it the chance to secure a substantial market base.  The company also in 2009 upgraded its network to HSPA and later to HSPA+ and this gave the company the opportunity to provide quality services to customers.
The disadvantage with the company is that it has been les receptive to customer complains about some of the hiccups in its network. The company also has the disadvantage of implementing the 4G network way long after its competitors as Verizon has implemented it. This may to its disadvantage.
3. Discuss AT&T Conglomerate Status
AT&T conglomerate status is below average compared to Verizon. The company has only concentrated in dealing with the American market unlike Verizon which commands a bigger share of the entire North American market.

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