The Benefits of Regional Economic Integration for Developing Countries in Central Asia: What can be learned from the experiences of ASEAN
The paper should include, Abstract/Summary and Introduction to Regional Economic Integration, Content, Conclusion, and Recommendations. The paper should discuss the Central Asian Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC), Association of South East Asian Nations, and analyze the ASEAN and draw connections with CAREC. It should be a comparative study of other successful regional economic cooperation such as ASEAN and East African Community (EAC) or ASEAN and any other, and discuss what their strengths/achievements were and how can CAREC follow those footprints to create a better organization in Central Asian Countries, particularly what are the advantages and opportunities for developing nations such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and other Central Asian member countries and what are the challenges facing regional integration/economic cooperation in in special case of CAREC member countries in terms of free movement of labor, visa issues, trade barriers, infrastructure, taxation, security, differences in culture and language barriers, etc. On the opportunity side, discuss the measures to improve trade, investments, and creating value chain in different sectors such as agriculture, industrialization, etc
I can upload papers what can be used as study materials and references and the below link which gives some idea as well:
One of the paper by Johannes Linn (UCA-IPPA-WP-10-RegionalOrganizations) is a good review, you can add a short section summarizing Linn’s arguments with examples he gives.
you can also discuss health, education income, and gender equality, and people to people mobilization as a benefits of regional economic integration shortly, and link to how regional integration encourage developing countries to sign international treaties which can improve the above elements along with other benefits such as economic gain, etc.
You can also use other sources apart from what I uploaded. I need about 2025 sources. The paper should look academically written with proper sources and references, and bibliography.
If the instructions are not clear, please ask specific questions, and I will answer it. Basically, the title says it all. You can use the format of the paper 11-1-05-Ombeni-N.-Mwasha and get idea from it, you can also source it.

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