Textbook: Eric Foner, Give Me Liberty! An American History, Brief 4th Ed, Brief 5th edition or Brief 3rd edition acceptable), Volume 2
Given what you have learned in the previous and current chapters (17 of the Foner book and onward), about the movement of both New Imperialism and American Expansionism you will write a paper on this topic.

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You will utilize Chapter 2 "Bound for Goo-Goo Land" of the Stephen Kinzer book Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq (provided as a PDF in the essay module) as your main focus and use the materials from class as contextual information. You will need to create a solid paper with a clearly defined thesis and argument.
Pay attention to organization so that the paper logically flows and the introduction, body and conclusion all make sense together. This is in APA Format. This is a 5 page paper, those with missing pages will be marked accordingly. You have several weeks to finish this paper and it will be submitted online to the Canvas upload dropbox in this assignment no later than Friday 11:55pm July 13th.This can be submitted earlier. Keep in mind plagiarism rules and that we are using a form of Turn it In for verification.
I would like you to write my essay in response to the following prompt:
“Was American expansion abroad justified?” Did the expansion of America’s global power into new territories and access to new markets (Asia) justify the means by which lands came under control of the United States? What were the motives and outcomes of imperialism and what were the positive or negative results of United States expansion abroad? Consider the impact of New Imperialism in Africa and the economic situation in the United States in the 1890s. Use the Kinzer chapter to discuss the some of the details of this expansion, government mechanism to achieve it and the impact of the people in Cuba and the Philippines.