Understanding the Court System

The U.S. Court System is a complex system that includes both federal and state-level courts. The federal system includes the judicial branch of the government. This system is designed to help society interpret the U.S. Constitution and provide guidelines for society. Court cases may concern many different topics and have an unlimited number of outcomes. … Continue reading Understanding the Court System

Public Health Nursing Roles

Objective: NUR.C109.O1 Public Health Nursing Roles: Provides a foundation for developing the role of the nurse in public health promotion and disease prevention strategies for diverse populations within the context of a global society. Introduction: This essay will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge in the key elements of the Global Health, Policy, and Influences … Continue reading Public Health Nursing Roles

International Finance and Monetary System

Assignment 4:   Turn in Assignment 4 at the end of Lesson 12. Introduction In Lessons 10 to 12, you continued to examine international business issues related to economic co-operation, regional economic integration (trading blocs), and the international monetary system. Note This assignment will contribute to the development of your Final Project. Instructions Part A: Economic … Continue reading International Finance and Monetary System

Argument Analysis Paper

This writing assignment will require you to pick an opinion piece or editorial from an online news source (i.e. Washington Post, Los Angeles Times) and conduct a thorough analysis of its content. The news source must contain a relevant topic at a global, domestic, or local level and must be from an article within the … Continue reading Argument Analysis Paper

Description or Illustration Essay

this is the assignment: Write a 750-word description or illustration essay on the prompt below. Make sure you are following the guidelines for Writing a Description Essay or Writing an Illustration Essay (tutorials are in MyCompLab). Use the following MLA manuscript format: double-space, 12-pt font, Arial or Times Roman font, 1-inch margins, page numbers in the right hand top header, a header on … Continue reading Description or Illustration Essay

Organizational Change and Personal Leadership Development Plan

Write a seven to ten (7-10) page paper in which you: 1. Describe specific practices that successful project managers apply in exercising their leadership and management roles overall. 2. Evaluate Judy Stokley’s level of success in developing a culture of trust while implementing her drawdown plan as Eglin Air Base’s new Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air … Continue reading Organizational Change and Personal Leadership Development Plan

mgt 3711 final

Instructions Read all of the following nine questions in Parts A, B, and C before beginning this project. Use the questions to reflect on the activities you completed in Modules 1 to 4. Write a paper addressing the following questions and reflections. The paper should be no more than 20 pages double-spaced (approximately 4,000 words) and should … Continue reading mgt 3711 final

Benchmark – Performance Management

Please see attached for rubric and let me know if you have any questions! Develop 1,500-2,000 word, high-level, Performance Management Cycle Plan. The plan should contain an introduction and conclusion that explain how effective performance management supports organizational strategy and HR goals. The purpose of this assignment is to simulate the thought process that managers … Continue reading Benchmark – Performance Management

Reflection Paper on Political Science

Answer questions separately. Proper APA FORMAT citations using at least 2 resources per question. 1. Question #1 -Why are entitlement programs so controversial? Who are they designed to help? Instructions: Write a post that fully responds to all parts of the question. Write in your own words. Support your position with proper APA citations using … Continue reading Reflection Paper on Political Science

Summative Assessment Paper

You are a worker in a fast growing, large, non-union manufacturing organization. You notice persistent systematic labor violations in the plant. The company has multiple locations in the United States and plants in China and France. People are complaining about the working conditions and wages. A group of your fellow workers are talking about the … Continue reading Summative Assessment Paper