BA 303 Special Topics Project:
Each student will be responsible for writing a brief paper that deals with an assigned topic concerning a marketing problem, issue or challenge. Students are expected to provide an answer and/or discussion regarding their assigned topics. Each student will be responsible for developing sources of information by using current articles from various trade and/or media publications.
Papers will be graded on content as well as how the student deals with the topic. The paper is expected to be 3-5 pages and should include some of the student’s ideas in addition to any reference material presented. Students are expected to sign up for assigned completion dates. Each completion date will have an assigned topic on which students will base their papers.
Topics will be posted on our Angel website at least two weeks before assignment due dates. A drop box will be placed on our Angel website for submission of the paper. Students are to submit papers no later than 5:00 PM on the Thursday of the week assigned. Papers are not to be submitted before their assigned week.
1. Find an example where a successful brand name has been licensed by another company in order to market its product. The licensed brand may no longer be as successful as it once was, but it has been recognizable to potential customers. Give some history as well as insight to reason that this strategy will or will not be successful (in your opinion). What reasons would a licensed brand name be better than creating a new unknown brand name?
2. Discuss the whole concept of Service Recovery and why it is so important to a marketer of service dominant products. If possible find an example or examples of incidents that support your position. You can cite examples of effective recovery and/or ineffective recovery strategies.
3. One of the most current topics for retailer organizations is the development of Omni- Channel retailing. Discuss this concept and how it is relevant to the retail industry, Also find a current example of a retail organization that is in the process of developing Omni- channel plans and strategies. What are they doing to capitalize on this practice?

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