Case Study: Shoreline Stadium Instructions

Read the Shoreline Stadium Case on pp. 204–205. Considering the information provided, construct a Risk Response Matrix (see text p. 220) that details at least 3 risk events that are likely for this case, your responses to the risks, contingency plans, triggers, and the responsible party for each risk event. Then, using Microsoft Project, create a Gantt chart that details the project schedule (see Table 6.3 p. 205 for task details). Once the chart is created, answer the questions on p. 204 in the format described below. The student is to submit two documents in Shoreline Stadium case study answers .

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  1. The first document is a paper completed in Microsoft Word that follows current APA format.
  2. The second document is the Microsoft Project file, which is also required.

Write my paper to include at least 3 resources (the text and at least 2 peer-reviewed sources) and total of 5–6 pages while including the following:

The paper is to include at least 3 resources (the text and at least 2 peer-reviewed sources) and total of 5–6 pages while including the following:

  1. Title page.
  2. Project Summary (2–3 pages), including an introduction to the project and recommendations (based on questions 1–3 from p. 204). For this assignment, include research-based rationale for your answers; be sure to include a discussion of possible risks as well as the date the project is scheduled to be completed characteristics of academic writing.
  3. Appendix: One-page Risk Response matrix.
  4. Reference page.

The Case Study: Shoreline Stadium is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week 8.

Microsoft Project Access

This course requires access to Microsoft Project. You can download Microsoft Project for free through the IT Marketplace by following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down and select the Microsoft DreamSpark link.
  3. At the top of the page, click the “Sign In” link.
  4. Enter your Liberty email address in the Username field, and enter the password you used when finalized your registration in the Password field.
  5. Next, search the DreamSpark offerings for Microsoft Project.
  6. Click on Microsoft Project and follow the promptings to download.
  7. Criteria Points Possible Points Total
    Summary 0 to 50

    ·         Introduction included.

    ·         Recommendations reflect questions on p. 204.

    ·         Correct project deadline is met.

    ·         Correct critical path is identified.

    ·         Correct number of working days is included.

    ·         At least 3 resources included (the text and two journal articles).

    ·         Each principal element is included.

    Gantt chart 0 to 50

    ·         Well-developed Gantt chart that accurately reflects tasks and dependencies. The student’s original Microsoft Project file must be posted to receive credit for the Gantt Chart.

    Risk matrix 0 to 25

    ·      At least three risks are identified .

    shoreline stadium case answers

    ·      A matrix presents each risk with the appropriate risk response, contingency plan, trigger, and responsible party.

    Format 0 to 25

    ·      Title page included.

    ·      Reference page included.

    ·      Correct grammar and spelling are used.

    ·      Current APA formatting is used.

      Instructor’s Comments:


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