Assignment: Journal: Business Ethics Quiz Almost every day, it seems, newspaper headlines shout out the details of another corporate scandal. Some individuals in the nonprofit sector are tempted to think that they are above such scandals and the accompanying headlines. Nonprofits are sometimes seen as uncorrupted by the desire for profit. That their motives are so noble, how could anyone question their actions? Unfortunately, nonprofits and charities are run by people with the same range of ethical standards as the rest of society, and we have our share of corrupt leaders. In recent years, in the United States, such nonprofits as the Nature Conservancy, the Red Cross, a handful of United Way chapters, and local foundations in several communities found themselves the target of negative headlines. Such ethical lapses—or perceived ethical lapses—undermine the trust the public holds in the entire sector. To prepare for this Assignment, test your ability to spot conflicts of interest. You should use the “Crush Conflict of Interest” resource that Mentoring Canada (2005) has created (located in this week’s Learning Resources) and complete the quiz before starting your reflection. Instructions In 500–750 words, discuss two to three conclusions you had on your ability to spot conflicts from your quiz on business ethics. Consider things such as what surprised you in the quiz, what areas do you need work on, and areas you easily spotted. Explain how these conclusions are, or will be, relevant to your career. READINGS Renz, D. (Ed.). (2010). The Jossey-Bass handbook of nonprofit leadership and management (3rd Mentoring Canada (2005). Crush conflict of interest. Retrieved from, A., & Taylor, J. (2013). Resolving accountability ambiguity in nonprofit organizations. Voluntas: Journal of Voluntary & Nonprofit Organizations, 24(3), 559–580. . Journal of Accountancy. (2013). Not-for-profit governance. Journal of Accountancy, 216(3), 18.

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