Strengths and weaknesses of Electro Logic from a motivational perspective
Motivation is an essential aspect in every organization because it determines the extent in which the goals and objectives of a particular organization are achieved. Motivation is achieved through the interplay of various factors among employees including ability, salience, timeliness, equity, reinforcement, and the satisfaction of the expectations. Various factors contribute to the motivation of workers Electro Logic Company identified from the responses that the employees gave to the consultant.

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As Pat Clausen puts it, the president of the company works closely with the workers, and this acts a source of motivation. However, a weakness is presented here because some employees like Bob claim that he has been avoiding the lately. Meg on the other hand mentions that he is paid well in the company thus remaining motivated.
The birthdays that are being held regularly within the company and this motivates the employees to work closely. A weakness within the company however is the fact that employees are not provided with the opportunity to increase their knowledge while others are not allowed to publish their works. This limits their motivation.
High-priority action
Various items have to be given significant consideration if motivation has to be prioritized in EL. Giving employees the opportunity to learn and increase their knowledge in their fields of interest is greatest motivational tool in any organization. This is possible by making the workplace be a suitable working environment. Salaries should also be prioritized coupled with annual increment to merge the needs of the employees.
Though the president is busy, he should have time in the course of the week where he can interact with all employees and solve any problems that may exist between them. Appraisals should also be exercised regularly and given priority. When this is done, motivation will be maximized among all employees.