Case Study Analysis: using the site below 1) Determine Facebook’s advertising revenue before and after their IPO. What affect did the GM pull out have on the IPO. 2) Analysis Facebook’s Facebook conversion rates, customer acquisition costs and audience-targeting refinement tools.
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3) Discuss any advertising metric tools used to measure ad clicks, active engagement, and brand recognition. 4) Discuss attribution modeling and its success with Facebook or other social medianetworks. 5)Discuss the challenges of branding products and services on Facebook. Please make sure all the references are academic sources. 1
Purpose of Assignment The purpose of this assignment is for students to learn process flowcharting/improving a process and summarizing the results. Assignment Steps Resources: Microsoft® PowerPoint® (or other software such as Vizio, Word, etc.) Select a complex process from your personal life or work. Use Microsoft® PowerPoint® or other software including Vizio, Word, etc. to create a flowchart of the as-is process. Define metrics and measure the current process.
Use process improvement techniques to improve the process. Use Microsoft® PowerPoint® or other software such as Vizio, Word, etc. to create an improved process flowchart. Use judgmental forecasting, which is your professional judgement, to ascertain how the future process will perform according to your metrics. Develop a 525-word executive summary in which you describe your process improvement project (including the as-is process flowchart and the improved process flowchart)

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