Information from weeks six to week eight from the textbook (chapters 11 – 13) which will provide you with a solid baseline. You may use no more than five (5) references from the company’s website but the rest must be peer-reviewed articles from the Webster Library.
Paper Requirements:
Format is title page, body, conclusion, and reference page all in APA format (use the correct headings, which are in the APA Manual). You can provide the history of the company. If you use charts and/or tables, ensure they are done in APA format. Page length is 10 to 15 pages; the title and references pages will not be included in the page count.
Here are the questions that will be utilized in your paper:
1. Describe and rationalize how a firm’s logistics and supply chain strategy will likely evolve as a firm shifts from no international to a global strategy to a transnational strategy. What are the challenges as the firm evolves through each? (P. 283)
2. Describe and rationalize the impact of increasing fuel prices on logistics network design. (p. 310)
3. Distinguish among different types of supply chain collaborative arrangements. What drives the differences? (p. 364)
4. What are the major considerations in initiating a logistics alliance? In implementation? In maintenance? In termination? (p. 364)

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