Write a five-paragraph character sketch (at least 350 words, typed) on the main character. In your topic sentence, state three characteristics. Be sure that the traits you list are distinctly different from each other. Develop or “prove” each trait with two or three specific examples from the story which support what you stated. – Note: Traits are not emotions Outline: Introduction I. Beauty is brave A. Agrees to save her father’s life B. Acts respectfully toward the beast in spite of her fear C. Is wholeheartedly committed to staying with the beast even after her father leaves II. Beauty is sensible A. Does not place inordinate hope in the return of her father’s fortune B. Suggests giving the beast the benefit of the doubt when her father thinks the beast is mocking them C. Is able to see that the beast is gentle and good in spite of his appearance III. Beauty is almost always thoughtful A. For the sake of her father and brothers, makes the best of things when the family becomes poor B. Tells her family she would die to save the beast pain C. For the sake of her father and brothers, neglects her promise to return to the beast in two months 1. After a frightening dream, realizes her error 2. Returns in time to save the beast from dying 3. Commits to caring for the beast by agreeing to marry him Conclusion

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