Childhood Obesity In United States : Consequences and the Preventive Measures
Please include the following components in Research paper: 1. Introduction – recommended length – 1 page 2. Background of The Study – – recommended length: 1 ½ – 2 pages. 3. Significance of the Subject – recommended length: – ½ page 4. Research Question – recommended length: 1 short paragraph 5. Purpose of the Study- recommended length: 1 short paragraph 6. Methodology of the Study – recommended length: 1 short paragraph 7. Population Sample – recommended length: ½ paragraph 8. Outcome/Results and Discussion recommended length: 2 pages 9. Limitations and Implications for Further Research – recommended length: 1/2 page 10. Popular News and Media – recommended length ½ page 11. Conclusion Guidelines 1. Include a minimum of SIX scholarly sources. 2. Please make sure that you include a minimum of three scholarly sources dated between 2008– 2018 to exhibit the current implications of your study (as a part of the required SIX scholarly sources). 3. Please include your scholarly sources in the body of your research paper using the MLA format. Your bibliography (works cited) must consist of ONLY those sources which have been included in the body of your research paper. 4. Please use only third person voice. 5. Each of the above-mentioned sub-titles must be included in your research paper in the exact same chronological order as they are listed above. 6. You can only use scholarly sources in your paper. You cannot use quotations from newspapers and magazines. 7. You should include newspapers and magazines in section 10 only (Popular News and Media). Newspaper and Magazine sources should be included in the bibliography along with the scholarly sources. You must include a minimum of two separate sources from two separate publications from different time periods. “Your research paper should not exceed EIGHT double-spaced typed pages” (excluding the bibliography). “Your research project should not be less than SIX complete double-spaced typed pages (excluding the bibliography). ” Your research paper should be typed using the MLA format on standard 8/12 X 11 inch white paper only. Please use “Times New Roman” and twelve point font only. ” Please use third person voice ONLY in your research paper. Please provide the databases accessed: Steps Taken to Validate Scholarly Sources: checked book title, cchecked author’s credentials , ISBN number, publisher, date of publication and bibliography. Research Paper’s Tile Proposal : Unfortunately, childhood obesity is a serious condition in the United States that needs attention due to the health risks associated with it. This research paper aims to reveal the consequences of childhood obesity and to discover its causes. By being able to recognize the repps of this health condition, the study will also be able to distinguish the possible measures for prevention. In addition, this research paper targets to bring awareness, especially to parents who do not see it as a threat to their children’s lives by identifying the consequences of childhood obesity. This research paper aims to give a clear understanding what childhood obesity is and how to handle this condition. Please provide the databases accessed.

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