China’s role in the world: Status quo or aggressive power?’ The notes should follow the below mentioned questions and answer them using the sources mentioned. – Is China a status quo or aggressive power? -What best describes China: norm-maker, rule-breaker, or norm-taker? -What is the role of soft and hard power in Chinese foreign policy? Discuss with reference to China’s recent strategy in Asia. – Is it sufficient to focus on the rise of popular nationalism when trying to explain China’s approach to maritime territorial disputes? Sources: (please let me know if you need me to upload any of them) How New and Assertive is China\’s New Assertiveness? A I Johnston Webpage Essential Get Johnston\’s article from this table of contents. Online Resource An “Assertive” China? Insights from Interviews – Andrew Scobell, Scott W. Harold 2013-05 Article Essential An explanation of China\’s new more confident/assertive foreign policy in terms of historical events. Online Resource The Rise of China and the Future of the West ## John Ikenberry Webpage Essential Online Resource China 3.0 2012 Document Essential Online Resource Is China a Status Quo Power? – Alastair Iain Johnston Spring 2003 Article Background Online Resource China\’s Strategic Futures – William A. Callahan 2012 Article Essential This article shows how Chinese elites see the PRC as either a status quo power joining the internationalsystem, or as a revisionist power that seeks to change the system. Online Resource Foreign Policy Implications of Chinese Nationalism Revisited: the strident turn – Suisheng Zhao 2013-07 Article Essential Online Resource Reclassifying Chinese Nationalism: the turn – Christopher Hughes 2011-09 Article Essential Online Resource China goes global: the partial power – Shambaugh, David L. c2013 BOOK Essential After Unipolarity: China\’s Visions of InternationalOrder in an Era of U.S. Decline Article Online Resource Power Transition Theory and the Rise of China – Jack Levy, 2008 Chapter Online Resource China\’s New Diplomacy – Evan S. Medeiros and M. Taylor Fravel Nov/Dec 2003 Article Background Online Resource China orders the world: normative soft power and foreign policy – Callahan, William A., Barabantseva, Elena 2011 BOOK Background China\’s struggle for status: the realignment of international relations– Deng, Yong 2008 Book Background Online Resource Chenxing Pan, The Asian/Chinese Century from a Chinese Perspective, Griffith Asia Quarterly 1:1 (2013): 30-52, Article Essential Online Resource Power Shifts and Escalation: Explaining China\’s Use of Force in Territorial Disputes – Taylor M. Fravel Winter 2007/08 Article Background Online Resource Rising to the challenge: China\’s grand strategy and internationalsecurity – Goldstein, Avery c2008 Book Background Dragon\’s Underbelly: An Analysis of China\’s Soft Power – Yanzhong Huang, Sheng Ding 2006 Article Essential Online Resource China\’s new nationalism: pride, politics, and diplomacy – Gries, Peter Hays 2004 Book Background Online Resource Social states: China in internationalinstitutions, 1980-2000 – Johnston, Alastair I. c2008 BOOK Essential China\’s accession to the World Trade Organization: national andinternational perspectives 2001 BOOK Background When China rules the world: the end of the Western world and the birth of a new global order – Jacques, Martin 2012 Book Background Changing Media, Changing Foreign Policy in China – Susan L. Shirk 2007-4 Article Background Online Resource China\’s Naval Nationalism: Sources, Prospects, and the U.S. Response Article Background Online Resource China rising: peace, power, and order in East Asia – Kang, David C. c2007 Book Background China orders the world: normative soft power and foreign policy – Callahan, William A., Barabantseva, Elena 2011 Book

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