MBAP – 6902 Exam 2
Answer the following questions based on the following articles. This is an essay exam, and you are encouraged to use course materials and other sources to develop your responses. Your discussion should make ample use of leadership concepts/theories and demonstrate both knowledge and understanding. Also explain and substantiate with evidence any claims you make in your writing. Your grade will be based on the details you provide. Each response should be short essay.
Question 1:
Article – Coke vs. Pepsi: The biggest soda rivalry in history is in full swing again.
1. Using the political frame and any other frames deemed appropriate, discuss changes in the soda market and how Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have responded. Pay attention to the way these giants have been guided by each other in their strategic choices.
Questions 2:
Article – Sweet taste of victory for Peeps union workers as judges rule against candymaker.
2. Union members are often required to strike in protest of unfair treatment from an employer. The strike in this instance produced wins and losses. Analyze and provide your commentary on the following lines from the article. Discuss in particular the reduction in employees at Just Born Quality Confection and union membership.
“The ruling was a major victory for leadership of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers & Grain Millers union, but both the company and the union had changed markedly since the strike two years ago. Just Born has fewer workers now, and a smaller percentage of them are in the union. The local workforce had splintered during the standoff, and some wondered whether taking such a strident position might backfire.”
Question 3:
Article: Miss America CEO Sam Haskell, president Josh Randle resigns amid email scandal.
3. Firings for inappropriate comments captured in emails have become more popular, but is it enough to correct the problem? Place yourself in the position of an organizational consult assigned to this Miss America case. Using all the knowledge you have gathered this semester, make several recommendations for organizational reform. Support each with a rationale and how it might be implemented. It would be best to number or bullet each of your suggestions and discuss them separately.

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