Compose an essay plan of roughly 1000 – 1200 words (not including a suggested bibliography of approximately 10 works) for the topic. I have already written an outline and please write it according to my following outline. Have attached some articles, need a little more research. 1. China’s development in the 20th century 2. Overview of US-Sino relations in the post-cold war era 3. Major disagreements/tensions between China and US in recent decades a. Trade and currency i. Because the rapid economic development in China, the export of goods and resource, the US debt that China’s holding, the Chinese currency has grown stronger. The Americans view this change as a potential threat to the hegemony of US dollars and the Bretton Woods system ii. The development of the new Asian Infrastructure investment Bank has also post threat to the leader position that American held amonginternational financial institutions iii. Superficial disagreements, the reason that causes these disputes is that China has the ambition of becoming world’s superpower and America is trying to retain her positions as the superpower in the unipolar world. b. South China Sea dispute i. China’s expansion of territory ii. Geostrategic move for China iii. Resources in South China sea iv. America is concerned about China’s expansion which would eventually effect America’s strategic position in South and East Asia. c. Human Rights and democracy i. US and its allies have accused China for violating human rights and its communist government ii. According to leaked secret files, the US government also violates human rights and freedom, such as monitoring, wire-tapping, secret “black site” jails d. Climate My conclusion is to some extent I agree with the statement on US-Sinorelations. I have 7 articles already, will provide them but need 4 more resources.

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