The purpose of the compare and contrast essay is to examine certain characteristics of two related events, places, things, people, or things.   The thesis should be clear ( not vague ! ) definite and ARGUABLE. The contrasts should make a point b/c this is NOT a basic compare and contrast essay it needs to show that there is critical thinking behind it and it has an argument and a point.

IMPORTANT : the paper should be rich in specific references. From its definition, the purpose of writing a classic compare and contrast essay is not only to state similarities and differences, but also to arrive at what those similarities and differences mean, represent, reveal or demonstrate. 

The final assignment is an academic essay, which is designed to be comprehensive and apply all you have learned in this course. To complete this assignment, you must use all the steps in the writing process: planning, drafting, developing, revising, editing, and proofreading. This assignment takes the form of an essay in which you will be asked to compare and contrast two subjects of your choice.

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A compare-and-contrast essay analyzes at least two subjects by comparing their similarities, contrasting their differences, or both. Write my paper final draft of your compare-and-contrast essay. Remember that the classic compare and contrast essay relies on good organization. You can choose to organize your essay by either block or point by point comparisons. Whichever one you choose is completely up to you, but you must consider purpose and appeal to audience when deciding.  Include the following elements in your essay:
 An introduction paragraph that includes your thesis statement
 At least three body paragraphs
 Appropriate transitions within and between paragraphs
 A conclusion paragraph

An effective compare-and-contrast essay will usually have the following characteristics:
 The two subjects are related in a meaningful way and have enough in common to be compared or contrasted.
 The essay is written to help readers make a decision or understand the subjects being compared or contrasted.
 The essay makes use of parallel points.
 The essay’s thesis statement identifies the subjects to be compared or contrasted and what is to be learned from doing so.
 The essay presents material using logical organization.

There are two common methods for organizing compare-and-contrast essays. They can be organized by the subjects themselves (first one, then the other), or they can be organized by the points in the argument.

The second essay is a Compare and Contrast essay. In this assignment, you are to compare two works of literature that we have read in class. Use our class discussions to offer insight into ways of discussing and comparing what you have read.

You can look at two different poems and compare elements, themes, tone, point of view, etc. OR you can compare two works written by the same author and note differences of style. You may also choose to compare two works written by two different authors within the same period and look for differences or similarities. In this academic exercise, it is VERY IMPORTANT to avoid first-person acknowledgment.

Many academic articles and writings exclude the use of the author recognizing him/herself (therefore, you should avoid the use of “I” as much as possible). As this is an essay where you will compare two works of literature (be it fiction or poetry), you should cite relevant passages from the works you are discussing in order to back up your argument.

Make sure your arguments are clear and your writing concise. This is one exercise where you assume that your reader has a background in English (or literature).

Compare and contrast essay ideas: Compare and contrast the point of view in I Stand Here Ironing and Hills like White Elephants. Unlike the first essay you wrote, this does not need to follow the strict five paragraph essay structure. Having said that, I still expect to see a clear thesis, developed body paragraph, organization, coherence and structure (and frankly the five paragraph essay is popular for a reason). I’m just not limiting you to that structure alone.

Prove a point / argument using two short stories from Dubliners by using COMPARE AND CONTRAST. please select any two of the short stories you like. [ except : The Dead ]. Again this is NOT a basic compare and contrast essay it needs to show that there is critical thinking behind it and it has an argument and a point. The THESIS should be ARGUABLE please avoid theses that are vague!! Please avoid summarizing the two short stories.

TWO SECONDARY SOURCES needed !! ,, they can be from other authors or critics or anywhere and you need to use them to prove your points and arguments, while you are comparing and contrasting. 1. The Thesis should be arguable 2. Every Passage and paragraph you argue with it, has to have connections with the thesis. 3. Every topic sentence needs to be connected with the thesis. 4.The essay needs to have 5 Paragraphs at least.

PART ONE: 1 page for outline 2 pages for essay Imagine that you are a management consultant to a large firm. You are asked to compare and contrast one of the following situations. Write up your comparison, using an organized style such as the 5 point essay process.

OPTION # 1: You are in charge of the holiday party for your organization or department. Your boss says, “Should we have a formal sit-down dinner with just the employees? Or should we have an informal picnic with families and dogs? Please send a comparison with your recommendation.”

OPTION # 2: Suppose your firm will be holding a meeting of 7 people from all over the USA. They will either set up a virtual meeting, where everyone stays home, or create a live event that brings everyone together. Compare and contrast virtual meetings with live events. Assume costs are not an issue. Here’s an example based on a topic that you are not assigned. It’s passing. Yours will be much better! The info is totally imaginary.

Note that when we compare two things, we say one is better; with three or more, one is “best.” 

Contrast: Accounting vs. Marketing Departments in My Company : Which is the better place to work?

I. Overview: This paper contrasts two departments in my company, accounting and marketing, based on annual turnover of staff, respect from senior management and dress code.I argue that marketing is the better place to work.

II. Comparison based on turnover A. People in accounting stay longer. That means the marketing staff has to get used to working with new people all the time, which is more challenging. B. Marketing people leave faster because they have an easier time finding new jobs.

III. Comparison based on dress code

A. Marketing department staff wear jeans and polo shirts, while accountants dress up every day. This suggests that the culture is… [it’s not enough to list facts; you need to interpret them and explain the differences.)

B. Accounting staff has casual Friday but still dress more formally than marketing. That means higher dry cleaning bills. Important: Do not simply describe one thing and then the other, with perhaps a short paragraph discussing the differences.

In the above example, you would not have a description of the marketing department followed by a description of the accounting department. Instead, each paragraph would be about one way in which these departments are similar or different.


Prepare an outline and then write a compare-and-contrast essay as discussed above.

Checklist for Grading:

==> Demonstrate understanding of 5-paragraph essay format.

==> Following directions (necessary for a grade of “B” or higher)

==> Organize assignment into specific points, one point per paragraph.

==> Support each point with logic and reasoning.

==> Each element in the outline has at least 2-3 sentences. Just a word or two is not enough.

==> Analytical andcritical content: no summary or “regurgitating” of what you read

==>Use of APA formatting Guidelines here.

==>No general statements with “all,” “none,” “must,” “should,” “mandatory,” and similar terms

==> Business and workplace topics only. Please do not make reference to religion, national politics or anything that’s intensely personal.

==> Include examples and details from your experience. Avoid generalities and abstractions. Avoid long introductions and discussions of “how I came up with this topic.”

PART TWO: Two Pages for Essay

Here is an amusing example of a Compare and Contrast approach, with a journalistic perspective. (Mike LoPresti) This article contrasts two sports teams. However, the “compare and contrast” style is very different from what you were asked to apply in PART ONE. Which style is more effective?

To answer this question:Compare the style of this article to the style you used in the 5-paragraph essay for PART ONE. Important: You are comparing the styles of a compare and contrast essay. Let’s call the style you used in PART ONE: Style A.

Then LoPresti’s style would be Style B. Use either the style of this article OR the style you used in the case to make your comparison.

==> Please write the question you are answering at the top of the first page of your assignment.

Checklist for Grading:

==> Use organization of either the LoPresti article OR the 5-paragraph essay.

==> Following directions (necessary for a grade of “B” or higher)

==> Analytical and critical content: no summary or “regurgitating” of what you read

==>Use of APA formatting Guidelines here.

==>Length – 2 pages ==>No general statements with “all,” “none,” “must,” “should,” “mandatory,” and similar terms

==> Business and workplace topics only. Please do not make reference to religion, national politics or anything that’s intensely personal.


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