Instructions: View all the images in the powerpoint Pick any TWO of these ads and write a short, interesting, reflective paper in which you “read†your chosen ads. For each ad make 2-3 main observations/arguments. Your paper as a whole should make use of 2-3 cultural commentators from the syllabus Stuart Hall- Spectacle of the Other, Susan Bordo- Hunger as Ideoloy, Herbert Gans- Popular Culture and High Culture 1999 Questions to help you get started (you do NOT need to answer all these) • Why is this ad interesting in relation to the themes/topics we have discussed thus far this semester? • How would any of the commentators we have studied thus far react to your chosen ads and why? • Do your chosen ads confirm, contradict or complicate some of the claims you have heard this semester? • Is there a relationship between the two ads you have chosen? If so, what is it? (There doesn’t have to be a relationship between the two ads). • Who is depicted in the ad? How and why? • What does the ad connote? • To whom does the ad appear to be directed? (be careful with this one and remember that many ads try to have broad appeal — whether they succeed or not is another question!) Questions you may have: 1. Will papers that incorporate the ideas of 3 cultural commentators score higher than those that use 2? Not necessarily. We are looking for quality of thinking, and are less concerned about quantity. 2. Will papers that make 3 observations per ad score higher than those that make 2? Not necessarily. See above. 3. Do I have to write a compare/contrast paper? No, not unless you see interesting connections between the two ads you have chosen. If you do, by all means write a compare/contrastpaper. 4. Can all my cultural commentators be filmmakers? No, only ONE can. 5. Do I have to quote from the cultural commentators I use? You don’t HAVE to, paraphrasing is sometimes as effective. Regardless of whether you quote or paraphrase we’ll be looking for you to demonstrate a solid understanding of their ideas and how/why they apply to your chosen ads. 6. If I’ve selected two ads but want to briefly mention a third ad because it is highly relevant to an argument I’m making, can I? Yes, provided that your paper is clearly focused on the two ads you’ve chosen to writeabout and that the third ad you mention is directly relevant somehow. 7. Can I write about an ad not in the ppt? No. 8. Can I writean intro/conclusion? Only if it is short and germane. No longwinded, generalized meditations! Better to launch straight in. 9. I feel inspired to write about 101 things Can I? No. Begin by jotting down everything you think is interesting/important about each ad and then, crucially, narrow your focus to what is MOST interesting/important. Don’t get lost trying to say everything. Editing is your friend. 10. Can I get myfriend/roommate/dad/sister/boyfriend/girlfriend/dog to write my paper for me? No. No. & No. All papers must: 1) Be well written, well organized and carefully proofread 2) Include page numbers 3) Get straight to the point. No meandering opening paragraphs. 4) Have your full given name written on the back of the final page (and NOT on any other page) 5) Be 1000 (max) words long. Include your word count on the bottom of your final page. 6) Be double-spaced with standard (not narrow) margins. This is so we have room to comment. 7) Include page numbers, in parenthesis, after any quotes taken from course readings. 8) Incorporate the ideas of at least two but not more than three cultural commentators NOTE: THESE PAPERS DO NOT NEED CREATIVE TITLES Grading Criteria: • Quality of Thinking. This includes: a) attention to detail b) demonstrated understanding of how and why your selected ads are interesting in relation to the materials we have studied thus far 0-5 POINTS • Quality of Exposition: How well your paper is organized and written 0-5 POINTS • Originality/Creativity 0-5 POINTS

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