Hi I would like  to write my essay since he has started my first essay, this is actually follow up of from my last essay, so he knows the topic well. Thank You. Hi, Please assist me in defining the PRACTICUM GOAL (Analyzing reasons why patients leave the Emergency Room Department (ERD) and what motivates that decision? Such overcrowding ED potentially may harm the quality of patient’s care and lead to patient dissatisfaction.
With my knowledge after literature review, I wish to identify not only the causes of this problem but also formulate solutions to it as well): my goal was rejected and needs to be more precise and easy to follow. I attached a copy that you have done in the past touch up or you may add to it and also I attached an example that I found online. Need to work on evidence of Accomplishments as evidence of the objectives and strategies. I highlight the Evidence of Accomplishments as evidence of the objectives and strategies.
Please follow the APIE stands for ASSESSMENT, PLANNING, IMPLEMENTATION, and EVALUATION on each learning objectives 1 to 5 only then follow the learning strategies, and evidence of accomplishment. thank you so much. pls email me if you have any questions.

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