Corporate Ethics Statements

Required Reading Theodore Kinni. 2003. Words to Work By: Crafting Meaningful Corporate Ethics Statements. Harvard Business Publishing Newsletters. (Product Number: C0301E-PDF-ENG) Rolf Dobelli. 2008. Leading with Authenticity: A Review of True North. Harvard Business Publishing Newsletters. (Product Number: U0801B-PDF-ENG) the link for the readings
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Code of Ethics Assignment Your task is to create an original Code of Ethics for your company or organization OR if your company has already one, criticize and improve it. Please include a short introduction and background of the company/organization as well. In your company’s Code of Ethics, please include the following: • Guiding principles • Purpose of the code • Core values • Which employees it covers •
How it will be implemented/communicated • How it will be enforced and reported • Mission statement • Other pertinent elements you feel necessary to have a comprehensive Code of Ethics This assignment must be 1.5-space, maximum 6 pages in length. The title page and reference pages are not included in the required paper length. Your written paper should contain at least three references including Internetsources, books, and professional journals or other pertinent resources. Please do not copy or plagiarize others materials!
MLS CODE OF BUSINESS ETHICS This created the MLS working rules apply to you, about you, or rules. Read these rules, understand, and appropriate behavior Showcase. The rules and guidelines in this guide, all operating in the MLS can show employees to carry out their work, which sets the limits. This Code applies to employees without exception, all the MLS. Business Policy, which is consistent with our core values and rules that you kacA±nacaAŸA±nA±za or provide information on how situations that can harm the MLS.
High standards in determining these rules will guide you on how to contact them. WHAT IS … the MLS work rules? Rules Standards Expected Behaviors INTRODUCTION Working Rules of the MLS, the MLS description for the kind of behavior we expect from you and allows you expect from the MLS. Described here is not exactly the same with the law, the rule is more than a set of rules. Therefore, this document should be seen as an essential guide. Labor Code of the MLS form of honesty, integrity and respect for people, such as an open and universal values.
Activities, to what extent these values, purpose and essence of the principles presented in accordance with the Code you treat and assessed according to the extent to which you perform. EMPLOYEES AND SAFETY MLS aim to protect not to harm people and the environment. You must comply with fairness and respect other living things. MLS container company. Acts of discrimination and harassment is unacceptable. 1 HEALTH, SAFETY,SECURITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL PERFORMANCE On the one hand while maintaining our commitment to the purpose of protecting people and the environment from harm, on the other hand, is compatible with the purposes of energy resources, we aim to develop products and services.
Be a good neighbor and to contribute to sustainable development customers, shareholders and seeks to gain the trust of the community. MLS holding companies and joint ventures as well as contractors operating under the control of health, safety and the environment and to give attention to issues of social performance checks. 2 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT MLS sustainable development for the world\’s ever-increasing energy needs of economic, environmental and social responsibilities, taking into consideration the means to help meet.
MLS HOLDINGS commitment to sustainable development, balancing short-and long-term interests and, when making decisions related to our business, economic, health, safety, security, requires to take into account the environmental and social dimensions. Sustainable development is a kind of compulsory license and MLS HOLDING activity in all of its activities in order to achieve sustainable results in adopting the principles of sustainable development.
To do this, on one hand, while respecting the needs of our neighbors, but also create new profitable opportunities, technical and non-technical and financial risks should be in constant communication with our stakeholders and to minimize the need to consider their views.
3 EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY MLS HOLDING, employment-related decisions, required qualifications, merit, performance and other job-related factors depends on the basic principle of making. MLS HOLDING, employment will not tolerate unlawful discrimination.
4 HARASSMENT MLS HOLDING the workplace does not tolerate any harassment. MLS HOLDING, derogatory, or intended to intimidate any hostile act, practice or tolerate behavior. Actions or behaviors of a culture can be considered particularly susceptible to a further görmeyebileceAŸi culture must be considered.
5 HUMAN RIGHTS MLS HOLDINGS, respect for human rights approach; adherence to corporate policies, compliance with applicable laws and regulations, to be in regular communication with our stakeholders and the communities in which we operate directly or indirectly contribute to the overall level of welfare continuously consists of several key elements. We would like to observe the standards similar to ours, our business partners and suppliers. All employees must understand human rights issues in their work places and MLS HOLDINGS commitments on this matter, must comply with the standards and policies.
ANTI-CORRUPTION MLS HOLDING bribery, insider trading, market abuse, fraud or money laundering does not tolerate such activities. Convenience means that the bribe payments, and such payments should not be made. Also any actual or potential conflicts of interest (in the form of a conflict of interest or perceived relationships) should be avoided, never offer inappropriate gifts or hospitality should not, or should not accept. Note that even if the corruption allegations could harm our reputation and our business is unfounded.
1 BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION In order to influence the outcome of a job improper payment, gift or favor to offer, receive, solicit or accept bribes means. Bribery and corruption, civil servants, institutions and organizations, or commercial relations, including joint ventures, either directly or through third parties, such as joint venture partners, agencies, and can be performed in an indirect way. In some countries, even if such payments are statutory payments to the convenience of corruption and bribery are within. Even ignoring suspicions of bribery and corruption, this incident may result in the MLS, and expose you as the person responsible for you.
PRINCIPLES In exchange for privileged treatment in order to provide a business advantage, never personal or payment, do not offer a gift or favor, do not, do not ask or do not accept. Working with people to understand that bribery and corruption is unacceptable Provide actions. Holding both the MLS MLS does not need any public company or individual business activities carried out or that you suspect of corruption made sure immediately Holding MLS inappropriate.
2 CONFLICT OF INTEREST (COI) Personal relationships, participation in the activities taking place outside the MLS or shares in another company, you have, an impact on the decisions you make when it is perceived in this way, or is likely to, and are in danger of a conflict of interest. PRINCIPLES Decisions or actions that you perform under the influence you will receive MLS or supervisor or manager any situation that may be perceived as inappropriate.
Or situations which might lead to a conflict of interest in writing to your supervisor know. That could create a conflict of interest or suspicion forming participate in decision-making processes. Relationships with contractors and suppliers in a professional, impartial and execute a competitive manner. Your current location, or that you have the knowledge and experience to the company you plan to use a non-financial gain, I let the MLS.
Relevant laws, regulations and policies MLS HOLDING, subject to the working hours of the MLS outside the community, government, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations, or show business. MLS HOLDINGS, to avoid a conflict of interest or potential contradict the interests of the subject, may hold shares other than the MLS working hours, work at a job or activity to another show. If you are not sure, ask your supervisor or manager.
3 MONEY LAUNDERING \”Money laundering\” of money, resources, or assets that constitute a crime, or by using the commercial activities of the legal structure of the hide. Including the financing of terrorism, crime, the legal use of resources to support the activities of a money-laundering activity. The main offenses covered by the legislation against money laundering as follows: ensuring the provision of unfair terms, do not report the activities of an investigation or suspected of blocking.
PRINCIPLES Suspect is guilty or set up business relationship with people who do not trade in the proceeds of crime. Please report all suspicious transactions or individuals Holding MLS. (MLS HOLDING necessary conditions will be reported to the authorities.) Proceeds from Crime goods or cash returns were not achieved, do not use your hand or hold such assets. Conceal the source of the goods or the nature of the crime. Crime, property acquisition, ownership or control of the kolaylaAŸtA±rmayA±n. SA±zdA±rmayA±n information on the subject of the investigation. Do not authentic, relevant documents, store them, do not destroy or dispose.
4 POLITICAL ACTIVITIES AND PAYMENTS Political activities and the payments you make are playing, there is a risk to be seen as the actions carried out by the MLS. Therefore, damage our reputation or our business. PRINCIPLES MLS any political campaign resources, political party, political candidate or in connection with use it to organizations. Personal political activities is to display the MLS HOLDINGS, should ensure that the activities. Political activities and to provoke a conflict of interest payments, as well as business relationships and reputation damage HOLDINGS MLS. These rules or fail to comply with any law or regulation, can lead to the termination of contractual engagement, may result in disciplinary action.
Do not use an MLS account for political payments. Do not pay to replace political donations. Get your candidature in the elections, if necessary, to put it allowed the MLS. Obey the laws governing the participation of political studies. INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL TRADE MLS HOLDING, free, fair and strictly adheres to the principle of an ethical company.
Must comply with all applicable laws in force in the relevant trade and business relationships, the application must provide all of the basic values HOLDINGS MLS. Failure to comply with these laws and regulations, our job seriously damaged, and we can bring severe penalties. As a result, dismissal, may be faced with a fine or with imprisonment.
1 ANTI-MONOPOLY LAW OR COMPETITION LAW Antitrust laws protect free enterprise and fair trade limit or prohibit competitive behavior. This law covers all levels of business life. Price fixing, market sharing or bid rigging conspiracies or to create a monopoly or monopoly practices to protect the position prohibited by anti-trust laws. MLS does not tolerate violations of antitrust laws.
PRINCIPLES Competitors, price, or any price element of the MLS (discounts, such as discounts or surcharges) for determination of the varmamalA±sA±nA±z agreement. Specific markets or other players operating in the market for a particular customer or accounts that will not engage in competition varmamalA±sA±nA±z agreement. Not mix them out of mischief, and international sanctions tenders, proposals or any agreement varmamalA±sA±nA±z competitors to boycott customers or suppliers.
Availability or to make a deal with competitors in order to stabilize or reduce the yield is prohibited. In addition, independent brokers or dealers should not make an agreement to determine the minimum selling price of the product. Anti-competitive business conduct and fairness in the MLS undermine the credibility and integrity issues. Can not be considered anti-competitive practices. In many countries, they are considered illegal activities, can lead to heavy fines and imprisonment.
EXPORT CONTROLS AND SANCTIONS Export Controls and Sanctions laws relating to information, software, sale of goods and services across national borders, transportation, electronic transfer or declaration authorizes legal control over the country. Export, not only the traditional shipping methods, negotiations, or through electronic transfer of images include views. PRINCIPLES Beyond the national boundaries of goods, technology or software before transferring the export control laws and sanctions
Carefully review the potential impacts on the transfer. Supervision and sanctions (or sanctions) countries, legal entities, individuals and goods, do not forget applied. This is how you conduct your business controls or sanctions, which would bring about the need to know the prohibitions or restrictions. If you fail to comply with the controls and sanctions on MLS criminal charges, fines and loss of export privileges may face situations. Be dismissed as a result of this work, liable to fines or imprisonment.
2 IMPORT CONTROLS AND SANCTIONS Import controls and sanctions laws relating to information, software, sale of goods and services within the limits of their jurisdiction, transportation, electronic transfer or declaration authorizes legal control over the country. Import controls the MLS as a company, and also applies to you as a person. PRINCIPLES When inserting into the country of goods and services required for all taxes, duties and import all the requirements and make sure that images follow repaid. Do not declare the goods into the country without restriction applied.
You must obtain an import-related legal advice if in doubt. You should not import goods banned. Respecter of import control laws and sanctions, and it could damage can lead to operational delays. Moreover MLS, loss of privileges, including fines and may face legal consequences. Be dismissed as a result of this work, liable to fines or imprisonment. INFORMATION AND ASSET PROTECTION At first the idea is worth corporate entities, including the physical and financial.
They are properly protected, maintained and managed. Personal Data and Intellectual Property (IP) to be protected. Information Technology (IT) and communication facilities should be used as sensitive. Records must be kept accurately and appropriately. When it comes to assets MLS HOLDING irregularities, theft, misuse, abuse, and can not be accepted. 1 ASSET PROTECTION Corporate assets, financial assets classified as tangible or intangible. Buildings, equipment, funds, software, technical knowledge (know-how), data, patents, and other corporate assets takes place in FMs.
PRINCIPLES MLS HOLDING waste of assets, loss, damage, seeing misuse, theft, misappropriation or protect against violations. MLS HOLDING assets within the framework of responsibility and use as needed. Other people and companies have to respect the tangible and intangible assets. This Code, or fail to comply with any law or regulation, the need, as it may result in the termination of employment, may result in disciplinary action. 1.
1. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Patents, trademarks, technical knowledge (know-how), and the MLS or technologies related operations, including trade secrets FM assets and rights are among the most valuable assets HOLDINGS MLS. FM, is a strategic tool to achieve business goals and managed due diligence. PRINCIPLES Each company and each of them should be an important strategy for FM subunit of the Third knowingly infringe the rights of individuals and organizations should not be FM.
1.2. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) FOR PERSONAL USE PURPOSES IT and communication facilities, personal computers, mobile phones, fixed phones and personal digital devices, covers. Holding MLS MLS is currently in general use of IT and communication facilities is permitted for personal use, but may be subject to evaluation.
Purposes, including the use of personal The use of IT and communication facilities are recorded and monitored by the MLS. PRINCIPLES IT and communication facilities the MLS for personal purposes provided that the short-term use and are not permanent. MLS data storage area network, or over the network to store your personal data, or use for entertainment purposes.
If you are responsible for others using IT and communication systems, the control of the large IT and communications systems. Pornography or other forms of obscene, indecent or colleagues via materials anger, discomfort or load materials undesirably create problems, not download, transmit, or do not enter these areas. Be sure to include work-related correspondence MLS name or logo, but you do not use your personal e-mails.
MLS HOLDING use safety precautions. Be sure to follow the requirements specified in this Code Contact Us. Get or let you install the software before connecting the hardware. MLS illegal or immoral activities of IT and communication facilities for such purposes, or (FM rights violations, including committing a crime or cyber) or gambling sites use to connect to, or make your own business.
PRIVACY AND DATA PROTECTION (VG) Laws for the protection of data privacy and information about individuals is protected. Personal information, the name and contact details, business, and financial status, age, and nationality of the covers. Racial or ethnic origin, religion or philosophical opinions, health, sexual orientation, membership in trade unions or criminal behavior information, sensitive personal data and are subject to strict controls.
MLS HOLDING, employees, customers or suppliers, including the basic right of all individuals to respect the right to personal data is kept confidential. PRINCIPLES Personal data is actually getting this information unless required by law or unless permission to take, carry, store or share it. Inform individuals about why you are receiving personal information. Before transferring personal data to a person in another country, contact the legal department for advice.
Observe the legal restrictions on the transfer of personal data. Do not store personal data longer than necessary; Securely delete dispose of or Anonymise. 3 RECORD MANAGEMENT Records are valuable assets of the company and the way it should be managed. MLS HOLDING, fast and reliable way to be able to access the records. Each record lifetime is over, you do not need to be appropriately.
Register, make up evidence of a commercial activity, or legal, tax, or MLS required for the purposes of the administrative and accounting tasks that are important for memory or corporate information. A recording element in determining its form, not the content.
For example, contracts, audit reports, financial information, product specifications, corporate policies, guidelines and procedures, a record is defined as the minutes of the meeting. PRINCIPLES Which information is a \”record\” that must be managed properly, and thus the value of the lost ones you need to know which ones will be destroyed.
Records of a governing effectively, the negative financial effects, weakness in terms of competition, compliance and reputational damage and may lead to negative consequences for the law that would be caused by the emergence of a significant business risks. Furthermore, the case of legal liabilities, accounting, tax, and regulatory requirements could result in a violation. CONTACT There is a return to the MLS All you establish communications. Make sure that your communication is necessary and appropriate. Be sure to follow all instructions and are adhering to all the rules.
Not to injure the reputation of the MLS information is protected and can damage the ability to conduct business effectively. Inappropriate, improper or careless manner you need to set up communications, as well as a serious reputation for MLS, accountability, compliance with laws and regulations can create risks. 1 BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS Business Communications Standard, MLS HOLDING companies and employees, as well as the rules and principles to be applied to third parties exposes your business to business communication.
Business Communications Standard mail, electronic documents, instant messages, web sites, social media tools, paper documents, fax and telex messages, sound and applies to all communication, including voice mail recordings. E-mail or social media guidelines apply in addition to certain media. PRINCIPLES Welcome to Business Communications Standard. If you fail to comply may damage the reputation of MLS HOLDINGS. In the event of non-compliance with mandatory rules about disciplinary or legal action can be initiated. Work your interactions: – Do not misleading; – Do not write reviews for speculative; –
Do not exaggerate; – Sensitive or confidential matters and talk casually – Do not joke about serious. Specify which comes directly from the MLS HOLDING communication. Observe all relevant standards and guidelines. Specifically: – Correspondence with a competitor may violate antitrust laws do not forget; – If you are using your personal data, be sure to follow the MLS Privacy Rules; – Sending information to other countries, other countries, or receiving information required by law and when it is not forbidden to make sure that the permissions are taken;
2 PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS MLS HOLDING carried out on behalf of a public notice of any communication, written or verbal means. The information disclosed is accurate, complete, consistent, and to be fair. PRINCIPLES If you are not competent in this matter, should not make a public service announcement about MLS HOLDINGS business activities. Protect confidential information. If you have the authority to make the announcement, accurate, complete, consistent and fair have to make public announcements.
Before making public announcements must comply with the policies of the MLS HOLDING announcement. Before going into any relationship with the media, media relations professionals must be authorized by MLS HOLDING. Is a criminal offense to mislead the public. MLS releases HOLDINGS, reputational damage and delayed information is not correct. MLS and individuals involved in the incident investigation, prosecution, detention and could face a fine. This is the code of conduct of our company.We will work on that.

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