Critical Analysis: You will have to write a 400 to 500-word critical analysis based on specific primary/secondary materials or video(s). This analysis is intended to get you thinking about international relations, on foreign policies of states, on public perception of history, and on various historiographical issues. It provides a venue for in-depth deliberation of important issues and controversies in the international relations of the first half of the 20th century. Step 1: Selecting your Option. For the Critical Analysis, you will have lots of options. Review the various options that are provided on the list. Each option contains one or more alternatives which constitute a video (newsreel, documentary, movie, etc.) and/or a text document (report, article, etc.). Review all of the various options to make an informed decision. Choose an option that peaks your interest. Watch the assigned video or read the document. Step 2: Writing your critical analysis. Write a brief 400 to 500-word analysis on the assigned material. Follow the suggested questions in writing your narrative. You are not required to conduct any additional research on the topic. The main objective is to consider the big questions and major themes pertaining to historical events. Use the questions listed under each option for guidance. The aim is not to summarize or repeat the facts/events of the video or document. Rather, the objective is to engage the material in a critical and insightful manner. The short critical analysis has to be written in proper narrative format (with an introduction, several paragraphs and a conclusion). You will be marked on content (arguments, structure, evidence, etc.) and style (punctuation, proper sentence structure, grammar, etc.). watch the documentary on the various secrets of the Great War: The Secrets of World War I (1 of 5) (2 of 5) of 5) (4 of 5) (5 of 5) Questions to consider: What perspective on the First World War does the documentary offer? What are the \”declassified secrets\” of the Great War? What did you like or dislike about the documentary? According to the documentary, what were the main causes of the war? What did the Germans eventually lose the war? What topics (if any) does the documentary avoid or misinterpret? the essay should be about the documentary and should answer the questions mentioned above.

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