Dear Sir, Please write a custom essay on the following: Private Label Brands: Post an evaluation of the use of private label brands in the global marketplace. In your evaluation, respond to the following: •Do you think national brand companies should sell their products to private brands, or should national brands stay clear of the private brands and not get involved with the supply of products to these private labels? Why or why not? •How does this play out in the global marketplace? What is the importance of national brands versus private labels globally? •Defend your answer with specific examples. Support your work with a minimum of two specific citations from this week��s Learning Resources and one or more additional scholarly sources. Akar, E., & Nasir, V. A. (2015). A review of literature on consumers\’ online purchase intentions. Journal of Customer Behaviour, 14(3), 215–233. Ashley, C., & Tuten, T. (2015). Creative strategies in social mediamarketing: An exploratory study of branded social content and consumer engagement. Psychology & Marketing, 32(1), 15–27. doi:10.1002/mar.20761 Hudson, S., Huang, L., Roth, M., & Madden, T. (2016). The influence of socialmedia interactions on consumer-brand relationships: A three-country study of brand perceptions and marketing behaviors. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 33(1), 27–41. doi:10.1016/j.ijresmar.2015.06.004 King, R., Racherla, P., & Bush, V. (2014). What we know and don\’t know about online word-of-mouth: a review and synthesis of the literature. Journal of Interactive Marketing, 28(3), 167–183. doi:10.1016/j.intmar.2014.02.001 Riquelme, I. P., & Román, S. (2014). The influence of consumers’ cognitive and psychographic traits on perceived deception: A comparison between online and offline retailing contexts. Journal of Business Ethics, 119(3), 405–422. doi:10.1007/s10551-013-1628-z Singh, A. K., & Singhal, T. K. (2015). Impact of social media expressions on value perceptions and purchase intentions. Amity Business Review, 16(2), 32–40. Retrieved from

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