Assessment Task 2: Cyberbullying (Total 1500 words)
Literature Review Report + Social Marketing Plan
Caution: Please do not forget to use COVER PAGE when uploading assignment that must show your ID and university email address. Failure of this will attract penalty.
Overall Aim: Understand social and behavioural issues and develop practical application of models, techniques and approaches in a SOCIAL marketing plan for an identified social issue or problem
Part 1
Literature Review Report writing (20%)

  • The Background of cyberbullying
  • Define what is Cyberbullying
  • What is the issue of Cyberbullying
  • What the cost or consequences of cyberbullying
  • Why is a huge issues of cyberbullying
  • What social marketing plans have been conducted, as your proposed
  • References

Word limit: 500 Words
Must use at least 5 academic references from journal articles – can additionally use government reports / websites etc.
Cyberbullying is the use of technology to bully a person or group with the intent to hurt them socially, psychologically or even physically. Office of the e-safety Commissioner Australian Government
Part 2

Social Marketing Plan (20%)
Word limit: 1000 Words
Rationale: The social marketing literature review (Part 1) allows analysis of real world problems and then (Part 2) allows development of appropriately targeted, innovative and creative solutions using social marketing frameworks, techniques and approaches.
Part-2, Social Marketing Plan to begin to change the behaviour of cyberbullying (1000 words).
Your goal is to develop and provide recommendations on how a social marketing approach should be developed and managed to address your specific identified social issue or problem (cyberbullying) in your local area / state/ country. You need to focus on the following five sections: (Marks allocation (3+4+7+3+3) = 20 marks.
Section1: identification and analysis of the social marketing problem / issue
Section 2: choice of appropriate theories for application to this problem / issue or context with justification (see the work you have done on theories in Case Presentation 3 Foolsspeed)
Section 3: development of the social marketing planning process – identification of (STP) i.e. target marketing and segmentation; developing positioning strategies; branding and developing the marketing mix (4Ps) – focus on key aspects;
Section 4: analysis of the social marketing environment, upstream & policy issues; recommendations for implementing
Section 5: evaluating the social marketing plan
References, Appendix
(Advise: Allocate roughly 200 words for each section).
A cyberbully is someone who uses technology to harass, embarrass, intimidate, or stalk someone else. Michigan Government Parent Guide to Cyberbullies
The e-safety Commissioner has a large number of resources available on this page – see link above
Cyberbullying: In the Media
Cyberbullying: Academic Research
Kowalski, R.M., Giumetti, G.W., Schroeder, A.N. and Lattanner, R. N. (2014)
Bullying in the Digital Age: A Critical Review and Meta-Analysis of Cyberbullying Research Among Youth. Psychological Bulletin, 140 (4) 1073–1137
Some Facts on Cyberbullying


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