Read the attached chapters and write one page on: \”Jacob Applebaum, a noted security researcher, recently gave a speech at the 30th Chaos Computer Club Conference in Hamburg, Germany, in which he summarized some of the then known information about the NSA\’s activities. A description of this speech can be found here: video link is here: It runs an hour. Make sure to slow it down and \’rewind\’ in order to grasp the tech techniques he is describing. See this as well: and along with it, the continuing debate of encryption and as for the \’insider/outsider\’ problem, see and further on the insider/outsider problem, here is a great example of an \’insider\’ threat to information system security: Please see this: so what did the NSA not get in all this, anyway? The acronym NSA stands for \”NationalSECURITY Agency.\” Please respond with NON-POLITICAL, NON-GEOPOLITICAL, NON-ETHICS-RELATED comments about the implications of all these things for IT-security protection and aspects of auditing\” SECOND PAGE ON: \”Please view the video below (FREE registration required) and (a) post links to at least one other firm impacted by IT failures with regulatory or legal consequences, and (b) discuss the video itself. FIRST REGISTER AT: VIEW THE FOLLOWING VIDEO: CYBERSECURITY AND FINANCIAL FIRMS–BRACING FOR THE REGULATORY ONSLAUGHT. In preparing to respond, you might also wish to look up: (a) the very recent problems at JP Morgan Chase (specifically the London Whale episode, and the internal control failures); (b) Kidder Peabody in the 1990s episode, with a Mr. Jett as the purported culprit; (c) Nick Leeson and the Barings Bank fail (not hi-tech, but important); (d) Kievel and Societe Generale.\” THE THIRD PAGE ON: \” Read the information in these links and, pull together the information in these links with the general topics of ITsecurity, business continuity, disaster recovery, problems born of data potentially being stored overseas–in countries where, of course, the laws may differ. How does cloud storage interact with ecommerce, or does it? Can you provide additional links on securityproblems with ecommerce? How would ecommerce issues/problems differ from those of brick-and-mortar stores? What about the fundamentalsecurity flaws that have been found in the underlying software that runs the Internet (i.e., the Heartbleed bug. The link is: The key area of that article begins with the words: \”This process has been fostered by great technological advances in digitization….\” and ends with the wording: \”Over time, it becomes more likely that innovation will shift to places where companies have more experience with scale-up and commercialization.\” THEN read the following and reflect on the following in the context of the important section of the immediately above-referenced link. Some links to get you STARTED, but to which you should add–WITH EXPLANATIONS OF WHY YOU THINK THEY ARE USEFUL–include: \”

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