Project 3 on Abu Dhabi- United Arab Emirates
You have worked through a guided activity examining variation in the diversity index in an urban area, downloaded additional data, and repeated that analysis. In this section you will reinforce your skills by researching and analyzing a similar scenario, but entirely on your own. One of the first challenges is that you must identify your study area and acquire the data you need for your analysis. We suggest several possible demographic scales below. However, if there is another scale that has significant interest to you, download and work with that data.

  • Urban areas of your state
  • City boundaries
  • School districts
  • Congressional districts
  • Counties Refer to your process summary and the preceding module projects if you need help. Here are some basic steps to help you organize your work.


  • Research the problem and answer the following questions before you begin:
    • What is the area of study?
    • What is the interest in this area and who are the stakeholders?

Obtain the data
Do you have access to baseline data? The Esri Data & Maps Media Kit provides many of the layers of data that are needed for project work. Be sure to pay particular attention to the source of data and get the latest version. Older versions of the media kit are very useful for temporal comparison- be sure to check the date.
After researching the problem and obtaining the data, you should do the following:

  1. Write a brief scenario.
  2. State the problem.
  3. Define the deliverables.
  4. Examine the metadata or item description.
  5. Set the directory structure, start your process summary, and document the map.
  6. Decide what you need for the data frame coordinate system and the environments.
  • What is the best projection for your work?
  • Do you need to set a cell size or mask?
  1. Start your analysis.
  2. Results and conclusion

Refer to the list of presentation format options in project 1.

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