Descriptive Essay: Detroit Opera House
Part one is a descriptive essay. For this essay you will choose a single building (Detroit Opera House).
in Detroit and write a thorough and complete description of it. You have the
option of writing on a building currently in use; a building that sits empty; or a
building from the past that no longer stands.
The format of the description should include the information listed below.
Include the building’s name and location. Offer details of the
location include street names buildings and other landmarks that are near by. Imagine
that you are giving directions to someone about how to get to the building
DESCRIPTION: Why was the building constructed? What is it used for today? When
was the building constructed? Include specific dates if they are available or an
approximate time period. For example is there is a corner stone that states the
buildings date, include that. If there is not available information of a specific date; is it
an early 20 th C. building or a late 19 th C. building. Is it a private home, a public building,
a church or a retail store? How is it used today? What is the shape of the building?
How many floors does it occupy?
EXTERIOR DESCRIPTION: What architectural style is the building? What materials
were used to construct the building? Describe the doors. How many entrances are
there? What materials are the doors made of? Describe chimneys, wall finishes, fire
escape staircases, and roofs. Don’t leave out any decorative exterior elements.
INTERIOR DESCRIPTION: Describe each floor of the building. Include information on
the materials used on the floor describe the pattern of the woodwork or inlayed tile.
Describe the materials used on the walls, the floors, and the ceilings. Mention
elevators and staircases, and the lighting fixtures.
Feel free to include any other interesting information you find on the building.
(2 pages 750 to 1000 words)
The building chosen is DETROIT OPERA HOUSE.

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