An individual report writing with the objective of analysing and critically appraising client’s current use of digital marketing channels, using a part of strategic digital marketing framework SOSTAC. The emphasis is on organic digital channels and technical aspects, particularly the website. Report sections include situation analysis, digital SWOT, website evaluation, key issues and recommendations for improvement.
Word Count:
You have been commissioned to audit Google Official Merchandise store available at their digital marketing with specific focus on website and SEO activities. The client wants to know how effective their current use of digital channels is and how they can attract more visitors to their website. They have little resource to spend on digital marketing and want to know what areas to prioritise for the best return. The link for accessing Google Analytics account is, remember you have to log-in to your Google account either using your personal or email in order to access the account.
You are required to clearly consider and address the practical digital marketing issues by applying digital marketing planning and auditing to this scenario. The use of models, screenshots and figures should be included and must be fully identified and sourced. Please consult the course material provided on Loop and also undertake your own research to help with your report. There are additional resources uploaded on Loop to help you start thinking about how to turn data into actionable insights. You are also advised to undertake Google Analytics for Beginners course before starting the assignment.
Assessment Deadlines and Details
NGM II Digital forms 25% of overall NMG II grade. The module is accessed by 100% continuous assignment with 100% for report.
Assignment help deadline: Final report submission is on Week 16,  4PM. Soft copy of the report need to be submitted on Loop. Penalty for late submission is -10% from final grade for each day being late.
Style Requirements
• Cover page: Module Name and Code, Name, Surname Student Numbers, Lecturer(s) Name,
Word count
• Margins: 2.54 centimeters on all sides, justify all paragraphs
• Font: Times New Roman
• Line Spacing: 1.5 – 2
• Font Size: 10 – 12
• Referencing: Harvard Referencing Style
All assignment elements need to be presented in a professional, easy to read and aesthetically pleasing.
Your Digital Marketing report should follow the given template. You might add additional sections if required, however, all existing sections in the template need to remain and cannot be deleted. Information provided in Italics is only a guiding information and questions to start you thinking how to fill the template. For the final report this guiding information should be deleted.
Digital Marketing Report Structure
1. Title page
2. Table of Contents
3. Executive Summary
4. Situation Analysis. Where are we now?
A. Business Objective
B. Target Audience
C. Competitor Analysis
D. Online Partner Analysis
F. Digital Marketing Audit
Website Objective and Performance
Google Analytics Audit
Search Engine Optimisation
G. Digital Marketing SWOT
H. Key Issues Summary
5. Objective Setting. Where do we want to be?
6. Recommendations
7. Reference List
8. Appendices (if required)

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