Imagine terrorists targeting Miami. Now think of thousands of missiles raining down on Miami and neighboring cities every year — for more than a decade. What would America do? Is there the slightest doubt that the president would order a strike to destroy the missiles? Absolutely not.
One missile hitting the homeland would rightly spark an overwhelming American military response. Yet this is the reality that Israel faces every day. The jihadist group Hamas, categorized as a terrorist organization by both the United States and the European Union, has been using Gaza — self-governing since 2005, when Israel withdrew its forces and citizens — as a giant base for terror. Israeli cities like Ashkelon, Kiryat Malachi and Ashdod are frequent targets of these attacks — in \”normal\” years, Hamas fires hundreds of rockets at southern Israel. Schools and houses have had to be reinforced against attacks, the people highly trained to take cover in myriad shelters the moment the rocket alarms sound.
It’s important to make a distinction often lost in the media. Hamas is not equivalent to the Palestinian people. While most of Hamas is made up of Palestinians, very few Palestinians have joined Hamas. Historically, most Palestinian people, like most Israelis, have favored the two-state solution championed by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Israeli government. Hamas, however, has a very different goal. An affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas is funded and armed by Iran and Syria, and has a deadly mission clearly stated in its own charter: destroy the state of Israel.
According to the preamble of the charter, \”Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.\” This fact may help explain why Israel has accepted the four cease-fire agreements brokered by the international community during this conflict, while Hamas rejected all of them. The third Gazan war started some weeks ago with a similar chain of events as the two previous wars.
While Hamas has been firing rockets with steadily increasing frequency at southern Israel, this time, as at the start of the previous wars, an ever-escalating campaign of terrorizing Israeli civilians with rocket strikes reached a tipping point — some 2,000 rockets have been fired at Israeli civilians in the span of four weeks.’ Article written 2014 by Fernando Espualas
Discuss whether Israel’s war in Gaza is a just war. The essay should be 5-6 pages double spaced, time new romans 12 pt.

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