For this order, you will be reading the instructions provided by my instructor which will be in a separate word doc. As the previous assignment that you completed for a different course, this course also requires completion of 10 hours of fieldwork in which you will work closely with an English language learner. You will observe and interview the learner and analyze oral and written language.
The fieldwork experience will offer you with an opportunity to apply your knowledge of language acquisition and development, the role of ELL’s native culture in SLA, the interference of L1, and linguistics through an in-depth study of an English language learner. Since this order requires for you to focus on that ELL’s native language, you will be focusing on Spanish vs. English. I will be uploading a sample paper done by a previous student in which will guide you throughout this assignment. The previous student focused on Hebrew vs. English and then developed their work from there.
You will need to find at least 7 peer-reviewed scholarly journals articles. APA style – As indicated in the rubric, you must follow the APA citation style and format (double space, Times New Roman 12 font, headings, page number etc.). Please include the title and reference pages. Please do your best with this assignment. Read the instructions and materials carefully. Do not plagiarize. Cite your sources. Be reflective and think critically. Make this assignment sound as realistic and overpowering as possible. Check for spellings/grammatical errors. Remember, you are working with an ELL’s student (Spanish).
**Please read the instructions carefully of what is required for this order. I had previously uploaded a sample of what is expected for this order. I felt like the previous two writers who completed this order sort of plagiarize from the sample, just paraphrased and changed the wording. That is not acceptable. I need this order to be done correctly and professionally. The purpose of this order is to do field work and choose a student who is an ELL and do a case study on them, to figure out the difference between English vs. Spanish. So your main focus are the two language(s). As per this order, you are required to provide a sample of a work that was used with the student.
The writer provided a chart, but honestly, that does not make sense. I prefer an actual ELL’s work that corresponds with that student’s situation. The writer had focused on a school in Virginia, but how is that possible when I’m from NYC. This assignment must be as realistic as possible. I did customize the draft a bit, but I feel like it does not flow well. I want this order to demonstrate the challenges that ELL’s goes through while learning a new language. In NYC public schools, those students who are ELL receive services such as ESL. An ESL teacher either do push-in or pull-out methods.
Please read about ESL Bilingual Education or different services offered in NYC public schools for ELL’s as it is important for this assignment because these students receive the most help. When ELL comes to the state not knowing anything, they are provided with the New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test. This test assesses a student’s English proficiency in: Listening. Speaking. Reading. This is given by the ESL teacher. If the student passes this test, they are placed in a monolingual class, if the student does not pass this test, then they are placed in a bilingual classroom in order to not only use their native language but also be able to learn English.
Receiving ESL services reinforces the ELL’s language proficiency and it helps them learn new strategies to succeed academically. This is just some background information on how it works in NYC public schools because this paper that was done, does not make sense or makes it sound realistic as if I did my fieldwork. Again please read the sample and the order’s instructions beforehand. Please do your best.**

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