Value: 25% of final grade Objectives • Apply the concepts learned in this course to build awareness for initiatives that promote sustainability and sustainable tourism • Build awareness and support for Earth Hour • Take action(s) that help(s) to bring attention to Earth Hour (March 25, 2017) by developing a “Join the Movement” initiative • Enhance skills including networking, critical thinking, and teamwork Assignment Description In this assignment, each group (4 students) will be responsible for demonstrating a change towards a sustainable future by rallying others through their actions in order to influence change and build momentum, motivation and inspiration for the Humber College community and beyond regarding protecting our planet. The responsibilities of the group will be to develop and execute an Earth Hour 2017 campaign as it relates to hospitality and tourism. This campaign��s objective is to demonstrate commitment to the cause of climate change action and hospitality and tourism and by showing care for the planet (can be socio-cultural if you choose – vet through Instructor). Your campaign will address: • An introduction to sustainable tourism. Research with regards to sustainable tourism and Earth Hour will be discussed. Sources to be cited. • A clear explanation as to your campaign’s objectives (Join the Movement) and the creative and innovative campaign’s description • Your participation in and involvement with promoting your campaign viamedia/digital media via Earth Hour’s channels – earthhour.org as well as digital marketing (i.e. social media) • Legacy Piece – two parts – 1) what happened, what worked and what should change with regards to your campaign AND 2) real changes that you and your group members will make with sustainability in mind once Earth Hour has concluded. This information will be provided via a written report with supporting materials (i.e. photos, videos, socialmedia channels, etc.). PART 1 – INTRODUCTION TO SUSTAINABLE TOURISM AND EARTH HOUR In this section, you will introduce the reader to the idea of sustainable tourism. Kindly provide information that would identify the need for Earth Hour and your proposed campaign. PART 2- EARTH HOUR 2017 CAMPAIGN – OBJECTIVES EXPLANATION In this section, your group will be responsible for setting the objectives of the Earth Hour 2017 campaign and clearly explaining them. This creative and innovative campaign will garner ideas and structure from the Earth Hour 2017: Event Playbook found at:http://earthhour.org/sites/default/files/Earth%20Hour%202017%20Event%20Playbook.pdfPART 3 – EARTH HOUR 2017 – CAMPAIGN DESCRIPTION The world is your oyster! Consider whatever you are “jazzed” and excited about. And share your campaign with the world. In this section, your group will describe how the campaign will build momentum for and bring awareness to Earth Hour and sustainable tourism to the Humber College community, your family and friends, your neighbourhood, your local government and beyond! CONNECTING WITH YOUR COMMUNITY Your campaign must include methods to be used to inspire you and others to take action and should relate to sustainable tourism. Via media/digital media, you will demonstrate your group’s commitment to Earth Hour 2017 and sustainable tourism. Via these many channels (and especiallywww.earthour.org/tracker), your group will describe how your campaign will connect with the live/online community. The whole POINT is to engage and ACTIVATE people in your community. So, you should solicit and receive a minimum of 50 “likes” or “connections�� or “retweets” from your social media campaign. Remember from Marketing MKTG 225, your digital campaign should consider Accessing, Engaging, Advocating and Converting your audience. ACCESS: how many people your group’s campaign can reach ENGAGE: who you can get to interact with your campaign ADVOCATE: how you can get them to interact with your campaign CONVERT: real commitment from your community (In Part 4A & 4B, not here, you will discuss how it went.) PART 4A- LEGACY PIECE #1 – SUMMARIZING YOUR EARTH HOUR CAMPAIGN Further to coordinating your community in Part 3, in this section you will be evaluated on your creativeness, innovativeness, and reach (# of ppl). Tell us how the campaign went. Please provide a detailed explanation as to what happened, what worked and what should be changed with regards to your campaign. This section summarizes your activities and comments with regards to their effectiveness. Please include photos, videos, digital communications, etc. PART 4B- LEGACY PIECE #2 – Further to Part 4A, in this section, you will provide REAL changes that your group members will make with sustainability in mind once your campaign concluded. Please include individual recounts here. REFERENCES Please ensure that you CITE all secondary research using the APA format. SPELLING, GRAMMAR, AND PROFESSIONAL APPEARANCE

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