Econ 101 – Microeconomics
A. Topic: What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership? What are its goals; i.e., what is
it trying to accomplish? What are it pros and cons? From their perspective,
what industries in the US economy will be affected positively or negatively?
B. Requirements: The essay must:
1. Follow the School of Business’s guidelines for preparing a research
paper (see this course’s Canvas file),
2. Have a separate title page,
3. Be 2, but no more than 3, FULL pages with 1-inch side, top and bottom
margins (the title is NOT to be repeated on the first page of the essay).
4. Be sure your name is in the upper left or right corners of each essay and
bibliography/resource page.
5. Be double spaced,
6. Have a reference or source page of at least 10 entries, four of which
MUST have been read or accessed and are referred to in the body of
your essay,
7. Show that the essay has been conscientiously PROOFREAD. Your
grade for the essay will reflect my judgment of your essay’s content as
well as your efforts at proofreading. What that means is: The easier it is
for me to read your essay, and the fewer corrections of grammar and
punctuation I have to make, the better,
8. Due date: At the commencement of class on Friday, October 16 th in
hard copy.
Be cognizant of the following: There are substantive penalties for tardiness – one
complete grade for each day late.

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