Details of task:

This assessment requires students to complete two parts: 1) an individual essay on how motivation impacts individual and organizational behavior; and 2) a reflective piece on how the student’s own motivations affect his/her behaviour and his/her understanding of other people’s behaviour.

       1. Research and write an essay paper on employee motivation. In your essay, critically discuss how well academic theory and research are able to explain specific behaviours and/or attitudes in an existing organisation. You should base this discussion on first hand data or experience that you have collected in an organisation of your choice.

You should research employee motivation and provide a short review drawing from the academic literature relevant to the topic with full references (the list of references does not count towards the 1000 word maximum).

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Collect information from a minimum of five academic sources such as academic peer reviewed journals and edited book collections. Once this information has been collected, you should:

define motivation
describe the behaviours/attitudes that you have investigated within your chosen organisation

discuss how the concepts from the literature can be used to explain these behaviours
explain how understanding motivation theory could be applied to managing people to work more effectively.

2. Based on the essay, write a reflective section discussing your ow motivations and how thaeffyect your behaviour and/or your understanding of other people’s behaviour (approximately 500 words).

A reflective piece of writing requires you think about how theory relates to your own experiences. Being reflective means linking your own experiences of motivation(for example, your own personal motivations)to the theory of ‘Managing People at Work.Reflective writing requires you to think about what the theory means to you, and/or whether the theory represents your experiences.

In developing your reflective piece, think about your findings from the essay and ask yourself: “what does this theory actually mean to me?” or “how has this theory helped me understand my own and other people’s behaviour better?

You have to describe how your experience has influenced your understanding of motivation and how you think these might impact your attitudes at work or how you behave at work or towards other people. Therefore, in writing this section adopt a structure that responds to the following questions:

  1. What did you learn about motivation and how does it help us understand behaviour?
  2. How do your motivations affect your behaviour towards work?
  3. How do your motivations affect how you think about and respond to people who do not hold the same values as you.

The aim of the second section of the assignment is to apply theories discussed in the first section to personal experiences; that is, to develop an understanding of motivation and how it affects the way we approach work and life.

Additionally, it provides the student with a opportunity to connect theory to practice by reflecting on actual real-life events within the context of the theory they have learnt. Further information on reflective writing will be available

Additional Guidance for Assignment 1 :

  1. Academic third person writing style should be used for the first task
  2. First person writing style can be used for the second task. However, it needs to be used appropriately.
  3. For example, both tasks should include the characteristics of successful writing as outlined in the FedUni ‘General Guide to Writing and Study Skills’ Manual, ‘Writing as a Skill’ section (pp. 58-61).
  • The reflective writing task is not an opinion piece. Rather, it is an application of the theory to personal experience; it should only represent the experiences and interpretations of the individual author.
  • Presentation: Word processed in size 12 font, 1 1⁄2 line spacing. Please ensure that you check the grammar and spelling in your assignment before submitting it. If you are submitting online please use a word format (unless your tutor specifically requests PDF versions) as this allows assessors to provide comments on your script.

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